The iPad Turns Three: A Retrospective


The iPad has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact with technology: newspapers now take into account the creation of a version that fits the tablet; video creators are making multimedia content compatible with HTML5, to be supported by Apple; more gaming companies are considering Apple’s tablet as a console, releasing big name titles such […]

What 2012 iPad Should I Buy? A iPad 4th Gen Or The iPad Mini?


The tablet world is continuing to grow and Apple is at the front of it at full steam ahead. But one question that is now beginning to be asked is ‘What latest iPad should I buy?’ Well to start with, size matters! A lot of users use the iPad Mini as it is a fantastic […]

iPhone 5, iPad Mini Coming To China Next Month


Traditionally, there’s been a pretty big delay between the release of new Apple gadgets in the Western world and the release of those same gadgets in China. Many affluent Chinese people have taken to importing them through semi-legal channels instead of  waiting for the official release, which has lead to a big grey market of […]

iPad Mini And iPad 4 LTE Models Begins Shipping, Could Arrive As Early As November 15th


When Apple announced the iPad Mini it gave consumers a vague shipping date for the iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular version of “two weeks after the Wi-Fi version.” It looks like those of you who pre-ordered the iPad Mini Wi-Fi + Cellular will actually receive it within the next few days. 9To5Mac reports that most […]

Watch WalMart Employees Throwing And Dropping iPads On Purpose [VIDEO]


Did you just buy a brand new iPad from a Walmart store near you and found it to be damaged? There is a slight chance that your iPad may have been tossed around and dropped on purpose by employees. A few Walmart employees from a store in Pykeville, Kentucky, have posted a video that shows them throwing and […]

Bought A 3rd Gen iPad Within The Last Month? Apple May Exchange It For The 4th Gen Model


The fourth generation iPad was one of the unexpected surprises at yesterday’s Apple Special Event. The improved iPad with Retina display takes everything that was great about the iPad 3 and refines it: the VGA webcam was replaced with a 720p front-facing camera, the A6X processor is twice as fast as the last generation A5X […]

The Official Comparison Chart: iPad Mini vs iPad 2 vs iPad With Retina Display


Apple released more products today than you can shake a stick at, and we could not be more excited. On the iPad forefront we got the iPad Mini and of course the 4th generation iPad. With the addition of the iPad Mini to the iPad family it means you now have three options when considering […]

Photo Of Updated ‘New iPad’ With A Lightning Connector Surfaces [IMAGE]


Apple’s iPad Mini event is only two days away, where the company might also unveil a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, updated iMacs, Mac Minis and even a full-sized iPad. Recent rumors suggest that Apple might give the current gen iPad some improvements such as a better Retina display, battery, global LTE and […]

New And Improved 9.7-Inch iPad To Be Announced At Next Week’s Apple Event


Apple has already sent out invitations for an event on October 23rd and has a little more to show us all. From what we know so far, Apple might announce a smaller iPad Mini, a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, updated iMacs and Mac Minis. Apparently, that’s not all the new things we’ll be […]

Apple Preparing For Mid-2013 iPad Update, Less Backlights


The third generation iPad’s high resolution ‘Retina’ display is one of the best screens on the market (depending who you ask). That said, we’ve heard in the past that Apple made compromises to get that stunning display to work. For example, the third generation iPad uses about twice as many LEDs as the iPad 2 […]