AprilRa1n: The New iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2, iPhone 4S A5/A5X iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak [Download Now]

Update #1: Read the NOTE shown at the bottom of this article.

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! An iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak for the new iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2, iPhone 4S (A5/A5X) and all previous generation iOS devices has been released in the form of AprilRa1n. The AprilRa1n jailbreak tool was developed by a new hacker to the Jailbreaking community, which told iJailbreak.com that he wishes to go unnamed at this time, and is the first jailbreaking tool that adds support for the new iPad (iPad 3).

AprilRa1n Jailbreaking Tool

Like other 1-click Jailbreaking solutions, such as GreenPois0n, AprilRa1n will allow you to easily Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running the iOS 5.1 firmware Untethered on your Windows or Mac OS X computer. The supported iOS devices for the new AprilRa1n Jailbreak tool can be found below…

  • The new iPad (iPad 3), iPad 2G and iPad 1G
  • iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G And iPod Touch 2G/1G

So what are you waiting for? Download AprilRa1n from one of the direct download links below and Jailbreak your A4, A5 or A5X iOS device running the iOS 5.1 firmware untethered now!

Download AprilRa1n v1.0 (Windows)

Download AprilRa1n v1.0 (Mac OS X)

***NOTE: If you have not noticed yet this is an April Fools day joke, DO NOT actually update your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the iOS 5.1 firmware if you rely on a jailbreak and unlock.


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  1. !@#$%^&*..

  2. Pichkeopiseth says:


  3. Gang_bang says:

    ahahha nice one

  4. redbizkit says:

    is this for real?!

  5. Mohamed says:

    well ….. you got me dude :D :D good one

  6. Mycool1997 says:

    april fools?

  7. AGGGGHHHH !!!!! 

  8. Gergely Attila says:

    April fool

  9. Alienware_78 says:

    is it for real?? please confirm it.

  10. thanks so much for all your hard work, but seriously, im not download SHIT on april fo0ls day… love in you!

  11. wow. how original.

  12. screw you!

  13. digital_ranma says:

    yeap! happy april fools everyone!

  14. Domenic says:

    not funny

  15. Inigo_m27 says:

    fucking assholes

  16. michas777 says:

    good joke,and now goys give my realy good news

  17. Goldwhyit says:

    Nice one

  18. morpheusFW says:

    Ahaha…nice joke guys! I hope nobody updated to 5.1 thinking it was the actual jailbreak! XD
    (Cool logo though)

  19. damn

  20. calling it aprilrain vesrion 1 … funny stuff 

  21. hahahhahaha crazy aprilfool day…

  22. fuck

  23. Wo- Wololo! says:

    nice one guys

  24. mother fucker

  25. LMAO …perfect….good one guys

  26. Jammineye says:

    I almost had a heart attack,, wtf man don’t play with my emotions like that, it’s the only thing im looking forward in life :(. Good one though time to go to my iPad and keep pressing search for ipad3 jailbreak on google…………………..……………

  27. it is fake i can’t download it! :(

  28. ybrett23 says:

    it was only ever going to be an april fool , cant believe ANYone thought it wasnt

  29. Its geohots picture from limerain . :D

  30. Come ón its fake ofc there is no iPad 3 or 4s ón the picture it is geohots. First is was thinking wtf is hé back like with limerain hé released without anyone knowing it

  31. Bugatrip says:

    Bad boys, people are suffering here :) Nice one, keep up the good work and bring us good news soon as possible

  32. good joke I was excited

  33. FUCKYOUJADEN says:


  34. Yoosuf10 says:

    fuk i got so pissed

  35. fareast says:

    fuckiknn   u asholes   hahhahahahhaha

  36. Santurcina says:

    The Iphone 3 is only in 4.2.1, no 5.1, this is a april fool scam, think before you download.

  37. Santurcina says:


  38. Fuckers…

  39. pissed off says:


  40. Filhote36 says:

     It works on my 3gs!

  41. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Ibragim Scat Gapuraev says:

    Screw you guys, I am going home!!!)))))lol

  43. i hope your site crashes not funny 

  44. Alf Ian69 says:

    Hahahahaha,,,,, april joke ;-)

  45. c’mon guys it’s April fools day, looks like some of you don’t have a life that you can’t find the humor in this.

  46. fucking site…

  47. You got me!

  48. -_- i just upgrade to ios 5.1 now for NOTHING 

  49. why did u remove my comment u ashamed ?

  50. Qweliant says:

    I really miss my jailbreak 
    thanks for breaking my heart 
    you guys all resemble shitty fathers 
    the type that gets their children hopes up for 

  51. 2smartforu says:

    I knew it was an april fools joke I could tell by the goddamn name AprilRa1n!

  52. Maskedlemon says:

    Great, I just upgraded my phone for nothing. I fail to see the humor in this.

  53. Melamangio says:

    Teste di cazzo!

  54. All you faggots should go jerk off to more apple videos. 

  55. Well done, but you probably just got a bunch of people to upgrade their devices ad lose their jailbreak. Funny.

  56. SpongeBob says:

    I’m loving how well my jailbreak is. Thanks AprilRa1n you are awesome.

  57. -.- helper says:

    to all who updated but had a jailbroken device download tinyumberella and get your shsh blobs from it then just downgrade

  58. Jay-013 says:

    Thanks..just updated to 5.1 and successfully unthethered jailbreak my iphone..
    Thanks a bunch..! :-)

  59. It is impossible to downgraded to a previous 5.x.x. You must have blobs already saved for a 4.x.x, to downgrade.

  60. Anonymous says:

    lol if this tricked you into upgrading your just a moron AprilRa1n…. April fools fools

  61. Doilangtu43 says:


  62. Spartanpixel says:

    April’s fools guys come on, a jailbreak and no ones talking about it in the community lmao whoever thought it was real is an idiot lol

  63. Jonpdante says:

    Fucking ass hat

  64. Google Chrome says to me that it is the april fools day :). if u know what i mean…

  65. Aldvmaster says:

    awesome gift! thanks!!!! i am loving it!

  66. Its fake… april fools

  67. Sylvious says:

    how do you upgrade before you read or download the software! dah!

  68. badTrip says:

    I almost upgrade my iDevices lol

  69. Robert Kaspar says:

    -.- srsly guys… I was so close from upgrading to iOS 5.1 and losing my jailbreak…

  70. The fact that it’s called AprilRa1n and was released on April Fools Day didn’t make you think twice? Seriously.

  71. Mitorito says:


  72. Jan Rameken says:

    To those who upgraded, sorry for your loss, but you should know better. Unless you see an announcemtne from dev-team, keep your pants on.

  73. No :P AprilRa1n = April Fools

  74. macam babi la kau anak haram

  75. Awxccuco says:

    Sazan olmayın beyler !!!

  76. Whoever deviced this prank is an asshole. I’m glad I didn’t fell for it, but the fact that you convince people to fuck up their phones (I guess having an unjailbroken phone is fucked up), it’s just mean.

    For all of you that messed up their iPhone / iPads, next time be very careful, there are a lot of fucked up peeps out there

  77. Mal.Criao says:

    jajajajjajajajajajajajaja  sorry :/

  78. This prank is meaner than the fake winning lottery ticket.

    Then again, the buttmad of those who actually updated without taking two seconds to read the article is hilarious.

  79. Twc3103031167 says:

    This is just so wrong. So messed up. 

  80. Would have been better if it was Greenpoison!

  81. Tell me this isn’t a joke but something done by Apple as to direct us JBer’s to another site,if so Cydia you seem to have lost your creditableity.

  82. Pinballb says:

    Not Funny – I just called every walmart, Target, and Apple Store in Colorado looking for a 32g Wifi………and almost ordered one online!!!!!
    Thank God I checked modmyi and Redmondpie before ordering one – NOT FUNNY!

  83. Joe blow says:

    Wtf that’s not funny (:

  84. nice joke :)

  85. terryr97 says:

    Nice! 1/100th of my brain got its hopes up. The rest knew this had to be an April Fools joke. And, you can be sure i would have checked many other sites and tweets and STILL wouldnt have risked my precious jb (if I had one, which I dont yet, dammit!) until April 2nd, just in case. Ive been Rick Rolld and pranked on ijb today! A good April Fools Day all around! :o)

  86. Rubenwashere33 says:

    what a dick move

  87. Soverysad says:

    It is april fools day you morons!

  88. not even fucking funny

  89. For all those who updated, I hope you learned to read the comments first…

  90. Asandford1986 says:

    That was funny.
    The fact that ppl actually upgraded and everything before clicking the link is icing on the cake lol

  91. Those who fell for this YOU ARE DUMB RETARDS. hahaha

  92. funny prank says:

    that sucks lol im already on 5.1 cause my phone fed up and had to restor and update but damn that sucks lol they got alot of people with this i was also stoked to hear a jailbreak dev team where you at? and to ionic if you got the jailbreak share it already!!!!!

  93. Dandelion01 says:

    Yeah works in my iPad 3 and my iPhone 4s.

  94. Imi16010 says:


  95. Finalbrez says:

    Damn it I almost thought it was real I already upgraded on my iPad 2 to check out the new features and noticed I can’t downgrade. I wrote this poem to my iPad that got thrown out the window because my computer was too heavy.

    My iPad the so great
    Fooled by a computer full of hate
    I miss you so dear
    That’s why I hold your pieces so near
    I wish I hadn’t thrown you out that window
    Because now she’s a widow

  96. HAZBULLAH says:

    This is too funny… especially if you wet your pants got too excited and now can’t downgrade!! SUCKERS!!

  97. dedavid says:

    I didn’t upgrade – The new iPad 3 is already 5.1
    I don’t think this is funny at all, people have been waiting and some have upgraded.
    If you get your kicks out someone else demise, your sick.  Too many morons in this world who haven’t grown up.

  98. Alexstoltz says:


  99. Embieembie says:

    like your mom when shes ridin it like a cowboy fukin sap

  100. jordanclark1993 says:

    Get a sense of humor. It’s once a year. If those people can’t realize that it’s April 1st, and get tricked, it’s their fault. Not sick, the rest of us just have brains :)

  101. jordanclark1993 says:

    Holy crap that’s hilarious! You seriously would only buy an iPad with jailbreak? That’s kind of sad you rely on the jailbreak community that much :P

  102. Somehow i think that the site admin should delete this post.
    Ok yes its funny..Haha.

    Ok, now back to basics….Delete this page before it gets outta hand.!!

  103. More 4 you, You cant blame anyone but urself….
    That’ll tach you to do your homework b4 you get your feet wet.
    Thankfully , i dont think it wont be long b4 the 5.1 gets released.

    If you took a sec to 1) read a few comments 2) search google…
    You would of seen it was a hoax.

    HAHA…. @aprilfools  

  104. Getitright says:

    That is so true..
    people are quick to blame, but don’t take responsibility for there own actions.
    Like this post if you agree.

  105. Upperrlip says:

    if u want real comedy then you should stick a note on a person’s back saying “my mom is bigger than yours”

  106. Never believe anything that comes out on April 1st. Ever.

  107. Warblade2809 says:

     As if you knew better you twat….until you read all the way to the bottom.

  108. hahaha

  109. Lakerdawgg says:

    Full of shit

  110. -.-

  111. Michael Allen says:

    See this is the kind of shit that makes that fucking day unfunny. There is nothing funny or clever about trying to trick people.

    Seriously. It’s just fucking stupid.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve been using the tethered JB since it came out for 5.1 so no, I didn’t update for this. I’ve been updated, but you may have screwed someone else.

  112. same here :'(

  113. this is fucking stupid

  114. In my opinion, if you are dumb enough to fall for this and update, I don’t think you should be jailbreaking in the first place…

  115. googog0eiojO says:

    bastards i just threw my ipod across the fukin room

  116. Jdskinnerz says:

    IDIOTS! Hahahaha. I was a little excited at first.next time read before you update. His is pretty jacked up, whoever created this article.

  117. Ultaggames2 says:

    Geez, remove this NOW! Because whenever we really do get a jailbreak, all will come up is this crap. Stupid people who did this.

  118. Av_lanche says:

    Everyone should calm down. If you updated, then lesson learned for you, read the whole article next time.

    Personally, was funny only after the shock of reading this was a hoax wore off.


  119. ThanktheMonks says:


  120. ouch =/

  121. Shere_punjabi_05 says:

    That new April Ra1n is so fast and it works so smooth! I’m just so lucky to have you guys.

  122. I fucking fell for it :(

  123. ngentot

  124. Luthrarishabh says:

    heheheheeheeee what a joke i must admit

  125. FUCKYOU says:


  126. Yourmom says:

    You fucking suck 

  127. Breeze000000000 says:

    Thanks it Worked Great!

  128. You suck.

  129. wow, nice one guys thanks to 10inc

  130. Junkitty Junkerson says:

    If it took anyone that long to realize that APRILr4in was a joke then they’re dumber than a box of rocks. FFS, anyone who upgraded to 5.1 dbecause of this article should pull a Kurt Cobain. You don’t deserve to be alive.

  131. Brycetheman says:

    thx you just got everybody thats wants their ios 5.1 angry at you congrats

  132. Brycetheman says:


  133. Brycetheman says:


  134. bryce ober says:


  135. Ersguterjunge_playa says:

    Ist das ein Fake

  136. Euejrhjwiqj says:

    Why would you waste your time writing this and taking pictures just for a joke
    U just caused people to update their iOS device for no reason
    Honestly, you have no life go find something better to do

  137. Sammyshoey says:

    you are a massive douche do you have any idea how excited I got when I saw this

  138. Agreed… april 1st n all but still… dick move…

  139. Time to decide whether to get tethered 5.1 redsn0w or wait for the real untethered…. (upgraded to 5.1)

  140. dedavid says:

    Good to know you have brains jordanclark, without brains you’d be dead or on life-support.  But let me tell you one thing, you don’t know everything, so someday you will loose a limb, or lose your home, or get burned on an investment – don’t worry your time will come when others will say the same thing about you.  ‘Jordanclark1993 didn’t have brains’.  I know for a fact your brain isn’t perfect and some cell will bite you in the a.s.s.  it always does to the ones that overestimate themselves.

    April Fool wasn’t intended to cause harm, and even if it did, being mean at some else’s mistake (if it does cause harm) shows your character undeniably. Laughing at others mistakes is human nature, most all people do, that’s a fact of life, but being mean comes from your heart, not brains.

  141. Unomo13 says:

    *for *can’t *yourself *teach *before *don’t *will *before *second *have. Maybe YOU should do your homework. F. See me after class.

  142. Oscar Perez says:

    Good joke! but sucks for people who really wanted it AND did not read the note… Sucks for them… And ME :) 

  143. Bboy_big_bang says:

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you

  144. SilmugerA says:

    hahah! if you actually believed this then you are stupid enough to click it, and if it was ‘illegit’ and ‘bricked’ your ipad (none I have jailbroke have bricked yet) then you are stupid, patience guys….the new jailbreak will be here within 24 hours…..but I didnt tell you that. Thanks, SilMugerA

  145. Elnene221985 says:


  146. Elnene221985 says:

    son of the biecth

  147. Elnene221985 says:
  148. Elnene22thebest says:

    hey add me :) elnene221985

  149. Dfdfdff says:

    Hahah, what fucking retards actually updated.

  150. GuyWhiKnowsStuff says:

    These people are idiots and obviously act before they research. I wonder what else we could tell them and they would believe it and act stupidly…?

    Omg quick guys house prices are about to plummet. Sell your house now!

  151. Well your the biggest retard of them all so get the **** off this website, retard.

  152. I_like_runescape2010 says:

    Dev team r shit go greenposion

  153. Jeddahahmedalh says:

    fucking liers

  154. Haha very funny !

  155. aprilfoolsfool-_- says:

    shit is fucked right now, 5 days later and yet SOMEHOW i fell for it…

  156. you sick f***

  157. Hero_jlinang says:

    fuck ur mother shittt

  158. now im annoyed

  159. PingPong says:

    This sh!t is banana’s .. B . A . N . A . N . A . S .. ;)

    In the words of some of our great governing body’s and the empowered youthful public society.. F@#K Yo*U corporate fraud. Invest your time and money elsewhere. ((Jail Brake is over..)) Bhahaha.

  160. PingPang says:

    PS. Got like a pile of iPhone 4’s that I guess will just be overpriced iPods . And I actually care .. Hahaha

  161. PingPong says:

    Im retarded ?

  162. john is a foo says:

    i agree with Bryce

  163. Bryan Rod says:

     dev team created greenpois0n fuck ball

  164. I didnt click the link but thats just harsh dude. i dont know who raised you but they did a half @$$ job of it. You disgust me.

  165. This is THE single cruelest April Fools joke I have ever seen.

  166. awesome now all of us on 5.0.1 will have less crowded servers

  167. THAT WAS NOT COOL AT ALL!!!  >=/


  168. Anhhaotrn says:

    very good i like it

  169. luke hutchinson says:

    If only. Im getting an ipad 3 tomorrow and it will probably be on 5.1 im guessing im gutted theres no jailbreak.. after living on android the last 2 year and finally coming back to apple its going to be super hard to get used to not having those functionalities

  170. Oh gee.
    Jailbreak April fools = failed parenting…

  171. Fuck. Ing. A.

  172. seen this and updated right away then scrolled down to see it was a joke, smfh whoever made this post is a jackass

  173. i knew this was bull as soon as i saw the date…

  174. your a cunt

  175. Get a life says:

     Mate, its sad the only thing in life you have to look forward to is a jb for your ipad.

  176. where is ipad 5.1 jailbreak i want it now

  177. Devil-man1990 says:

    fuckin knob cheese suck dik you only fool peeps cuz you fool your self into thinking you got a brain

  178. looooooooool @ fuck ball

  179. Assholes

  180. Your father says:

    You will not find funny when I bang your mommy…. Pendejo

  181. Airkiller28 says:


  182. Imdadjr says:

    This fooled me in May :/

  183. Sheeptheraper says:

    dude stop wasting our time you losers!!!!! dam

  184. Santipintoo says:

    Why I can’t download the AprilRa1n ??

  185. lol pissed me off bad

  186. Hcicico says:

    You know what? Fuck you!

  187. Atrocious_ says:

    We mourn the loss
    Of a pad so dear
    Once full of life
    Now void of cheer.
    We miss you cydia
    You bundle of joy;
    and blend our iPads
    Our poor little toy.

  188. Atrocious_ says:

    Idk where the hell ‘blend our iPads’ came from. Got home from surgery and was high on pain meds lol.

  189. Atrocious_ says:

    You fucking idiot, do your homework before posting shit comments this. Fucking hell, you are no better than some of the people who ‘accidently’ upgraded to get attention. Do the fucking world a favor and just gtfo. Posting twice with different names? Grow up bro.

  190. Atrocious_ says:

    Lol, just because they fooled 3/4 of the jb community, their parents failed them? Who thafuck are you? You learn to make your own decisions without asking mommy or daddy when you mature. You are obviously young or you wouldn’t have, 1) posted this comment. 2) obfuscated the word ass. 3) obviously clicked the link.

  191. Atrocious_ says:

    People do fucked up things on April fools. However, the Trolls of the Internet deserved something special.

  192. Atrocious_ says:

    Holy fucking shit, when did this turn from a jailbreak to losing your home? Grow the fuck up, it was a joke, as you said, you were already 5.1 so no fucking harm done. Gtfo his dick and quit hiding behind a screen. If you honestly dislike it THIS much than get off the Internet. The trolls will burn you much, much harder.

  193. Atrocious_ says:

    Ikr? It’s got April 1 in the name :D

  194. Chrisferro83 says:

    Lol, that’s a dirty one, everyone that relys on unlock to have service LOL!

  195. Normal Person says:

    very annoying.. great way to clog up the search engines assholes. seriously though, if this is entertaining to you people then you all need to get a life..losers

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