How To: Play Flash Games On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad With The iSwfPlayer Cydia Application

Would you like to play free flash games on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad? Well, if you answered yes to that question then you will be glad to know that with the iSwfPlayer Cydia app you can play flash games (.swf files) on your iOS device. The iSwfPlayer Cydia app works in a similar manner to emulator applications currently available through Cydia like the popular gpSPhone Gameboy Advance emulator. The only difference is that in iSwfPlayer you are gaining the ability to play and view .swf files on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad instead of ROM files.

iSwfPlayer Cydia Tweak

According to the developer’s website iSwfPlayer contains the following features:

  • Play games on Large screen TV
  • Play games with AirPlay
  • Upload files with ftp/web server
  • File/Folder Management

Personally after testing out the iSwfPlayer Cydia app I was fairly disappointed to find out that most of the .swf flash games I tried playing did not work. There were, however, a select few flash games that did end up working, which was pretty neat. Thus, if the developer of iSwfPlayer is willing to put some more time to improve the application, the iSwfPlayer Cydia app may actually be worth while to spend time installing and configuring. At this time, however, I would only recommend downloading iSwfPlayer if you have some spare time on your hands.

Flash Games On iPhone

If you are going to spend the time trying iSwfPlayer then you will to want to know how to install other flash games (.swf files) to your iOS Device. This will allow you to play any of the flash games you want on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How To Play Flash Games On iOS

In order to play other flash games using iSwfPlayer you will need to use a file-system editor program like iExplorer (Windows & Mac OS X) and place them in the following directory:


With your flash game(s) placed in the directory above you can simply restart the iSwfPlayer Cydia app and you will notice the file now appears in the iSwfPlayer file browser for you to play. Don’t forget that you will most likely need to reconfigure the controls before playing your flash games by going into the Settings tab.

Did you try the iSwfPlayer Cydia application? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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  1. Where can i find the flash games? such as Super Mario

  2. Dtdtrinity3 says:

    Will this have adverse effects on my I pod, like updating problems for crashes. What I’m asking is is this jailbreaking.  

  3. This app crashes as soon as I open it! What should i do!?

  4.  Yes, you have to jailbreak in order to gain access to cydia, therefore the answer is still yes.

  5. Jonathan says:

     dude just go on a flash gaming website go to the page with the game u want and then save page as and brows the files till u have found the game

  6. Matt48856 says:

    Of course it’s jailbreaking. How else would u get cydia

  7. Very, very usefull app, it crashes immediatly on startup. Waste of time

  8. Same here- the app crashes the second i try to open it. Tried reinstalling it a couple of times, but no luck thus far… Frustrating! Any handy tips?

  9. not use in firm 3.1.3 (2G)

  10. blubikbeneenvis says:

    im on firmware 5.1.1 and it crashes too what should i do

  11. Professional app, crash immediately within 0.1second after launching

  12. AbsoluteValue says:

    I cant Find The Documents folder ??????

  13. This application runs smoothly on my iPhone 3GS, but crashes on my iPod Touch 2G

  14. Try to play samus sex game and it won’t let me. It only flashes and you can only see samus.

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