How To Turn Your iPhone Into A Real-Life Pokédex

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The information engine, Wolfram Alpha, was just updated recently to add over 649 Pokémon to its database according to Tuaw. Due to the fact that Wolfram Alpha powers Siri and allows it to make certain informational queries like “how many grams are in a pound,” it also means that Siri will be able to access all of the new […]

Watch Pokémon For Free On Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Or Android Device With The Pokémon TV App

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Here’s an awesome new app that will remind you of your childhood and keep your kids happy. Remember Pokémon, of course you do. Well, Pokémon Company International has launched a new Pokémon TV app for iOS devices, which lets you watch the popular Japanese cartoon for free. Yup, that’s right. The Pokémon TV app for iPhone, iPod Touch […]

Official Pokédex For iOS Released Outside Of Japan; $26 For Full Access

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Nintendo’s official Pokedex app, which we saw on Japan’s iTunes store in November, has finally been released worldwide. Once again, this Pokedex provides basic stats on Pokemon, from fluff information about height and weight (that never really seems to apply) to in-game data on evolutions, egg groups, abilities, type matchups, and learnable moves. You can […]

Nintendo Releases Official Pokédex App For iOS: Information On All 647 Pokemon For ¥ 2170

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In what is certainly a sign of the impending apocalypse, Nintendo has released an official Pokédex app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the iTunes App Store in Japan. The base app costs ¥170–about $2 in American currency–and includes information on the new Pokemon that are available in Pokemon Black and White and Black […]