Interview: Exclusive Look Into Piracy And Its Consequences


I would like to start off by saying that I nor support Piracy in any shape or form. It is illegal, period. This article and containing interview are intended strictly for educational purposes and to hopefully enlighten our readers on the risks of being associated with such activity. We have all been witness to, […]

Installous Is Being Shutdown! The Hackulous Development Team Call It Quits

Installous Shutdown

The reasons to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad seem to be getting smaller and smaller by the day. This has to do with Apple implementing a lot of concepts and ideas from the Jailbreaking community. Today another, but greatly controversial, reason gets crossed off that list — Installous. The creators of Installous, Hackulous […]

iPhone Apps Accuse Users Of Piracy, Post Status Updates On Twitter


The problem with labeling any program as a tool for piracy is that a program can have many uses. A pirate can use a service like Installous to steal popular apps without paying the developers, but the service can also be used to gain access to apps that Apple has removed, apps that have been blocked from […]

100 Percent Of The Top 100 Paid Apps On Android Are Hacked, 92 Percent On iOS [INFOGRAPHIC]


Here is an Infographic that will show you how bad the security in mobile applications actually is. Even though there have been reports about the iOS platform having amazing security, hackers crack thousands of applications every single day. And it’s worse on the Android platform. Piracy has been around even before the App Store and […]

Dead Trigger Is Now Available For Free On iOS App Store Due To Piracy, Just Like The Android Version

Dead Trigger icon

Apparently things aren’t going so well with Madfinger Games. Their zombie killing game, Dead Trigger is now available in the App Store for free. The company also recently made the game available for free on Android devices via the Google Play Store. This was because the game was being pirated too many times, and the […]

Why Telltale Games Has Not Released The Walking Dead: The Game For Android


Teletale games, the developers behind adventure game adaptations for franchises like Sam & Max, Homestar Runner, and Back To The Future (as well as a Monkey’s Island revival), have recently released a game for the Walking Dead series on consoles, the PC, and iOS. The point and click adventure genre started out with mouse input, […]

In-App Purchasing Bug In App Store Will Be Fixed In The iOS 6 Firmware


As we reported last week, a Russian hacker by the name of Alexey Borodin managed to build a system to authorize in-app purchases without actually taking your money. Apple tried once to shut him down by issuing a take-down request on his fake authorization server, but he quickly moved to a new server and continued […]

Filippo Bigarella Shows Us How NOT To Ask Developers For Product Support


Filippo Bigarella, the homebrew developer behind the popular—and unfortunately often-pirated—Cydia tweak Springtomize 2, has posted an example of how not to get support from independent developers. Here’s the message that an iPhone owner emailed to Bigarella through Cydia’s developer support and reporting feature: “It crashes when I respring the app with the cracked version.” The […]

Apple Responds To In-App Purchase Circumvention Via Proxy Server


As we reported earlier, a Russian hacker, ZonD Eighty, found a way to authenticate in-app purchases without payment. The workaround does not require a jailbroken device, just a WiFi internet connection to a DNS proxy server. How does Apple feel about pirated in-app purchases? Natale Harrison, an Apple representative, gave a response to The Loop: “The […]

Russian Proxy Server Cracks In-App Purchases Without Requiring A Jailbreak


Opponents of jailbreaks claim that jailbreaking is only used for software piracy. Those of us who have had jailbroken phones in 2007, before Apple launched its own App Store, know that this is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, it is a fact that a lot of iPhone users turn to jailbreaking to access commercial apps without compensating […]