Cydia Gets A New Look!


Earlier this week, Saurik, the creator of Cydia, published an article wherein he spoke about the involvement of Comex in iMods and also mentioned about changes that will be coming to Cydia soon. Looks like the first of the changes has started to roll already. The jailbreak store has received a nice little update that brings some […]

Delete World: Delete Whole Words Instead Of Individual Characters [Cydia Tweak]


With the Cydia tweak Delete World you can delete a whole word to the left OR to the right of the cursor. The Delete World tweak also allows you to delete one letter to the right, and still be able to use the normal delete function. Here is a list of features present in the […]

Display Recorder Updated To Version 1.2.3-1: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Screen Recorder App


Ryan Petrich, a well known 3rd party tweak developer, has updated Display Recorder to version 1.2.3-1. For those who don’t know Display Recorder is a real-time high quality screen recorder for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Below is a list of its features: Records directly to high quality h.264 or MJPG/AVI Web interface to manage […]

iPhone Dev-Team Member MuscleNerd Visits Apple


Today iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd tweeted a very interesting picture (which you can see below) of an Apple T-Shirt with a name tag made specifically for MuscleNerd. What becomes even more interesting is the location that this image was taken from – Cupertino. Which means MuscleNerd was invited to Apple’s Head Quarters in Cupertino. With […]

Double At: Quickly Enter Email Address By Double Tapping @ Key [Cydia]


Double At is a new Cydia tweak that allows you to quickly insert your email address anywhere throughout your iDevice that requires it by simply double tapping the @ key. You can set your email address by going into the, and once your email address is set, whenever a webpage or app requires you […]

Screenshot Customizer: Change The Flash Colour Of Screenshots For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Tweak]


If you have gotten bored of the default screenshot flash that happens when you hold down the home and sleep button, a new tweak was recently released into Cydia called Screenshot Customizer to change things up. With the Screenshot Customizer tweak you can easily change the flash colour of your screenshots and even make them […]

Find On Page The Way Apple Should Have Developed It [EasyFindOnPage Cydia Tweak]


When Apple introduced current page search functionality in the iOS 4.2.1 firmware many people complained about how in was implemented. In fact some people still do not know of such functionality as it seems to be hidden away. If you were one of these individuals you will be glad to know a new tweak has […]

Never Let An Incoming Call Interrupt You Again With CallBar Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!


CallBar is definitely not a new Cydia tweak, but it is a Cydia tweak we have been meaning to provide coverage on. With the CallBar tweak you will never have to be interrupted when you receive an incoming phone call again! You see, the CallBar tweak will completely redesign the incoming call interface to be […]

Independence Day Sale: RecognizeMe Tweak Available For $3.99


Have you heard of the RecognizeMe Tweak before? We wrote a review on this Cydia tweak back in May and it was a fairly impressive tweak to say the least. If you are not aware of how the RecognizeMe Tweak functions you can read the description below: RecognizeMe brings biometric security to your iDevice. Meaning that […]

JailBreakMe 3.0: Right Around The Corner?


Alright. So we have seen the first sneak peak of Jailbreakme 3.0 with the ski-slope image, with a sign that said “PDF”, and as most people know, the last userland Jailbreak was done using a PDF exploit on the iPhone. Then, the list came up – “Its been far too long”. Which listed developer entries […]