MissedReminder: LED Flash For Missed Calls And More!

A new tweak was released into Cydia yesterday called MissedReminder. What does this tweak do? Well, it allows you enhance your iPhone’s missed call reminder system. Instead of having a single reminder for a missed call, with MissedReminder, you can specify how many times you would like to be reminded. If you have an iPhone 4 you can even set MissedReminder to flash the iPhone 4’s LED which, if in the open, will help to alert you that you have missed a call.

In short, if you find yourself forgetting about missed calls as you carry on throughout your busy day MissedReminder can help you remember to call people back.

If you are interested in further looking into the MissedReminder tweak you can find it through the Cydia Store for a price of $0.99! Let us know what you think of the MissedReminder tweak in the comments section below…

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  1. this already can be done with the iOS 5, under accessibility.

  2. ios 4 or ios 5, either way teh flash aspect is completely pointless seeing as the flash is on the back and when the phone is laid down it cant be seen and personally there is no way i’m putting my phone screen side down whether it’s in a case or not just to take advantage of this .. FAIL

  3. I actually bought this application all it did was to crach my phone. At first after I installed it my phone started to heat up a lot. Then I has 4.3.3 and jailbreaked it. Everything was fine until I installed it. The phone just kept restarting in IT safe mode. Once I was able to uninstall everything went to normal. Now I am just trying to find an email adress to warn the team. By the way my LED never flashed while I was using it. I only received the messages.

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