Apple Adds Flyover And 3D Buildings To More Cities In Maps

Apple Maps Flyover

Thirty new cities, including Tokyo and London, now support either Apple’s Flyover or 3D buildings. Apple launched its own mapping system on iOS 6, back in September, one that had several inaccuracies and faulty data, leading to what has been known as the company’s “Mapgate”. On September 28th, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took over the official […]

WSJ: Apple To Sign A Data-Sharing Deal With Foursquare To Improve The iOS 6 Maps App


Apple’s Maps app may not have been a success, but the fruit company is working very hard to win back its loyal customers and improve the mapping application. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is also considering signing a deal with popular location-based social service Foursquare, and use its data to improve the iOS […]

Google Says That Google Maps On iOS Is Even Better Than The Android Version

google icon

As most iPhone owners have probably heard by now, Google released their own Google Maps app for iOS 6 yesterday, after Apple dropped them as the built-in mapping service provider in favour of building their own service. It’s been a long couple of months for people who upgraded to iOS 6 and lost their Google Maps, getting […]

Mapping Company TomTom May Be In Line For An Apple Acquisition


When Apple decided to ditch Google and make their own mapping service, they needed somewhere to get a whole bunch of map data from, and they needed it in a hurry. As it turns out, they ended up partnering with TomTom, an existing GPS company that has a pretty comprehensive set of map data for […]

Samsung Takes A Jab At Apple For Their Australian Map Woes [IMAGES]


The fact that there’s only one major competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S III – the iPhone – makes Samsung’s marketing team’s job pretty easy. They haven’t shied away from direct attacks on the Apple smartphone, from the Apple Store lineup TV spots on iPhone 5 launch day, to this most recent example of advertising […]

Apple Corrects Maps Issue In Australia That Left Many Motorists Lost And Stranded [Updated]


Yesterday, Apple’s Maps app in iOS 6 was said to cause some major trouble to motorists in Victoria, Australia. People who used Apple’s Maps app to get to Mildura City were taken to a location about 70 KMS away from the actual location. The local Police issued a warning telling motorists not to use the Maps app, […]

Apple’s Maps App Gets Warning From Australian Police


Apple’s Maps app has created another huge problem, apart from being mediocre at best and not very useful to locate places. This time, it has created a ‘potentially life threatening issue‘ for motorists in Victoria, Australia. The local Police issued a warning asking people not to use Apple Maps and has even contacted Apple. The […]

Rumor: Apple Firing Maps Manager After Poor Product Launch


Heads are rolling at Apple in response to Apple Maps’ poor initial performance. We’ve already seen the departure of Scott Forstall, an Apple exec who purportedly left the company over the Maps debacle, and now it looks like another boss is on the chopping block. According to a report from Bloomberg, the manager of Maps […]

Nokia’s HERE Maps Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [Download Now]

HERE Maps App iOS App Icon-ijailbreak

Last week Nokia announced their new and improved mapping platform called HERE. They also announced that a standalone HERE Maps app would be available for both iOS and Android. Well, HERE Maps is now available in the iOS App Store with turn-by-turn navigation, public transit information, POI’s and real-time traffic information. So, is it better than […]

Early Test Builds Of OS X 10.9 Include Siri, Apple Maps Integration


While us regular joes are stuck on OS X 10.8 for the foreseeable future, Apple is already hard at work on the 10.9 update. They’ve got early test builds doing the internal rounds, and it looks like the new OS version will have some interesting new features. 9to5Mac has the scoop on the early builds […]