The New Cydia Alternative – Installer 4.0! [Back From The Dead]

From the folks that ported the Icy installer to the iOS 4 firmware generation comes Installer 4.0!

If you remember back to when Jailbreaking was first starting out, the was the very first third-party app store created by the RipDev team. After the big changeover to the 2.0 firmware generation, however, Cydia started gaining popularity over the original and thus lead to the eventual discontinuation of the

Though it appeared the was gone for good, thanks to the infini dev-team, the has been brought back and is now compatible with the iOS 4 firmware generation.

As installer was just ported to the iOS 4 firmware generation there are still some kinks that need to be worked out. With a little time, however, I can see the making a strong come back into the jailbreaking community.

Installer uses a different packaging system then Cydia so you will not be able to add any Cydia sources into the Because of this the Infini Dev-Team notes they are working on a new community source for Installer only, which allows you to be able to install packages via Installer.

If you are interested in checking out the please add the following source into Cydia (Manage > Sources > Edit > Add):

If checked out installer 4.0 please let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below…

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  1. Nerdherder says:

    All of the apps are seriously outdated.

  2. Youngbloodcaleb says:

    Did you get installer to work for you?

  3. Francisrosario says:

    This installer is to really old and not updated..

  4. Nerdherder says:

    I got it to install but it won’t install any apps and it won’t update like it says it needs too.

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