Two iOS 7 Cydia Tweak Updates You Won’t Want To Miss: Color Keyboard For iOS 7 And TwitkaFly (iOS 7)


Those who have been Jailbreaking for some time will always remember a select few Jailbreak tweaks. One of these tweaks is Color Keyboard which allows you to customize the iOS keyboard to your hearts content. Fans of Color Keyboard will be glad to know that it has been updated to support iOS 7. Unlike Fancy, [...]

HipJot Cydia Tweak Released To Bring 120WPM Typing To iOS


Last week we shared with you guys a preview of the HipJot Cydia tweak which brought the powerful custom keyword capable of typing speeds of up to 120WPM to iOS. For those of you who missed the preview, the keyboard itself in HipJot is similar to that of Swype, in that you can swipe your fingers over the [...]

Evad3rs And Other Jailbreak Community Members Credited In iOS 7.1 Security Changes Document

iOS 7.1 Update

Whenever Apple patches major security flaws in iOS with firmware updates it generally credits the person or company responsible for the discovery. With the release of iOS 7.1 came numerous vulnerability patches that Evasi0n7 relied on and as such Apple has credited several notable figures in the Jailbreaking community for discovering these vulnerabilities which range from maliciously [...]

SemiRestore7 For iOS 7 Released Which Lets You Restore Your Device Without Losing Jailbreak

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 12.11.30 PM

With the release of iOS 7.1 yesterday came the end of “Jailbreaking Season.” Meaning of course that you can no longer restore your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running a Jailbreakable firmware version, instead you’re forced to upgrade to iOS 7.1 which is unable to be Jailbroken because Apple patched too many vulnerabilities used by [...]

HipJot’s Two-Handed Slide Keyboard Capable Of 120WPM Speeds Coming To Cydia

HipJot Cydia Tweak

Lately a lot of custom keyboards have been hitting the App Store which are integrated directly into select apps due to the fact Apple doesn’t allow for custom keyboards on iOS natively. HipJot is an example of an app which includes a custom keyword capable of typing speeds of up to 120WPM. The keyboard itself in [...]

Asphaleia (From Developers Behidn Auxo) Will Allow You To Lock Apps With Touch ID

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.54.45 AM

There have been quite a few tweaks released which integrate with TouchID allowing you to lock apps using your fingerprint, but now the developers behind Auxo (A3Tweaks) have teased an alternative called Asphaleia. From the teaser Vine video it appears as if the tweak will allow users to lock apps using the iPhone 5s Touch ID [...]

Vertex Cydia Tweak Brings iOS 8 Mission Control To Life [Officially Released]

Vertex Cydia Tweak

Those of you who caught the iOS 8 concept which merged the Control Center and Multitasking Switcher together to form Mission Control will be glad to know that the concept has finally been made a reality with the Vertex Cydia tweak developed by Ian Burns and Xpod. In order to access Mission Control you simply [...]

GBA4iOS 2.0: Gameboy Emulator For iOS [Review]

Photo Mar 02, 7 38 24 PM_iphone5s_gold_portrait

GBA4iOS is an application that brings the old glory of Game Boy era onto iOS devices. GBA4iOS 2.0 is the new redesigned and reimagined version of the versatile Game Boy emulator for devices running iOS 7. Released on February 18th, the update brings tons of new features that the former GBA4iOS version doesn’t have. To start, the developer [...]

More Details About Auxo 2 Revealed: Paid Upgrade, Release Slated For End Of Month


If you’re waiting on the release of Auxo 2 which we gave you a preview of last week then you will be glad to know we have some more details on the tweak. In case you haven’t heard of the original version of Auxo the tweak was a replacement for the app switcher which replaced [...]

Track Your Cellular Data Usage With WeeTrackData7 For Notification Center


How would you like the benefit from being able to keep track of the data you are using? Even though some people have unlimited data plans they have to be careful or they will run the risk of their data speeds getting throttled. WeeTrackData7 for Notification Center is a widget which keeps track of your cellular [...]