Is The iOS 6.0.1 “Dream Jailbreak” A Hoax? Developers NitoTV And iH8sn0w Weigh In

An anonymous developer known only as ‘Dream Jailbreak’ claims to have developed a jailbreak for iOS 6.0 and 6.0.1 that will support all devices compatible with the firmware. Supposedly this jailbreak will be released on December 22nd, just over two weeks away. Oddly enough, Dream Jailbreak is not collaborating with any of the well-known Dev Teams in the jailbreak community and claims to be “here to show the world that the source of an exploit or jailbreak can be from outside the norm.” …Whatever that means.

iOs 6 Untethered Jailbreak

Why announce the jailbreak?

As with other supposed jailbreaks, the usual warning signs are back. You have to ask yourself, why would a legitimate unknown developer announce a jailbreak in the first place? If Dream Jailbreak is an unknown who’s just trying to prove a point by releasing a jailbreak before the developer community, why make a teaser website with a splashy poster, announce a video for next week, and then wait for December 22nd for the supposed release? The developer could just as easily keep quiet until the jailbreak’s ready, and then release it wholesale, proving the point without provoking naysayers like us.

As you might expect, the teaser website’s full of pseudo-technical gibberish. One entry in the Dream Jailbreak FAQ reads: “This jailbreak is unique in the sense that it differs a bit from the other jailbreak solutions in the past. There will be a one-click phase of the jailbreak you will have to do, but there is preparation needed to prepare the phone for the jailbreak beforehand.

nitoTV and iH8sn0w, two well known developers who have clashed with fake jailbreak developers in the past, have also responded to Dream Jailbreak’s claims.

nitoTV points out that previous ‘lone developers’ didn’t appear out of thin air. “Even when @comex did it he was still talking to people with credibility and working with them to a slight degree. And when geohot did it, [the jailbreak] was much easier to do comparatively. We don’t even have a good tethered jailbreak for 6.0 or a good working version of Cydia.”

Meanwhile, iH8sn0w warns that jailbreak videos can be faked, especially now with development provisioning profile services like Zeusmos that use loopholes to run third-party apps on non-jailbroken phones (albeit, only apps that don’t rely on MobileSubstrate). We’ll only know it’s real if or when it’s released.

iH8Sn0w Fake Jailbreak Tweet

Is the Dream Jailbreak real, or is it just fantasy? We’ll find out by the 22nd, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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  1. Or could he be an unknown guy trying to prove himself in the hacking community.

  2. This reminders me about @jackoplane talking about bringing Siri to iPhone 4 when the 4S was released. It was all about talk bla bla bla

  3. Michael Schnier says:

    The actual dev teams don’t provide ETAs for their jailbreaks, because of the risk of dead ends and show-stopping bugs. Why’s this developer so sure it will be ready on the 22nd? Why aren’t other developers cooperating with him and vice versa? There’s every reason to doubt, and so far no reason to believe.

  4. or disbelive

  5. wow.. a day after the end of the world… hahaha.. nice ^^

  6. I bet that is the joke.

  7. Woodedman says:

    Can’t believe people are buying into this junk! Basic business strategy, find your market, become noticed, launch event, make a profit! With the niche clientele that we are, it’s going to be win win for dream jailbreak, somebody is going to have to line his pockets to download whatever it is he’s offering, weather that be real or fake, just to test it out! Knowing most if the Foalks that would kill for a jailbreak, there will be a few thousand people paypaling a couple of dollars his way, just to see! Hell, if I didn’t have a conscious I would have done the same months ago! I have no doubts he’s some unemployed college grad who can’t use his skills as a graphic designer in the right way! Eeeeeeasy money!

  8. Dont do it says:

    Your right, a few fake pics and vids, fancy website, PayPal account and a simple program that will simply crash! Say 5 dollars a throw, I’d gurentee at least 3000 downloads! it’s not like its a product that’s going to be forced to refund everyone should it go to court is it! Use your head people! I’m still wondering what sauruk has to say on it all

  9. why name dream jailbreak it would be a dream only

  10. Maybe guys its geohotz or comex ?

  11. Dream Jailbreak says:

    This is a message for all those that doubt the Dream Jailbreak. Comex, GeoHot, iH8sn0w, pod2g, etc, are not the only people in the world that can develop a jailbreak. Just because the person that made the Dream Jailbreak is not on the same team as the rest of them doesn’t mean its fake or a hoax. Developers shouldn’t get mad when another developer makes the thing they were busting their ass for before them. Wait until the 22nd, and then you’ll find out if it’s real or fake. Until then, shut your damn mouths.

  12. Michael Schnier says:

    If it’s real, why announce it before you have anything to show?

  13. ghayasudin says:

    if it will be real what will happen? a new team of jailbreak or a new member for dev ?

  14. ghayasudin says:

    i can’t wait for untethered jailbreak by dev team :|

  15. He is will update a video so Quote “video that will be uploaded, it will be a single-take shot of the entire jailbreak process, including a restart and usage of the device to prove it is untethered” so we will see.

  16. He is gonna upload a video so we’ll see. Quote “will be uploaded, it will be a single-take shot of the entire jailbreak process, including a restart and usage of the device to prove it is untethered”

  17. Dream Jailbrake says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know… maybe because “he feels like it” or does everyone MUST follow the ‘pre-jailbreak release rule book guide’… some people I tell ya

  18. nope

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