Pod2G: 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak Would Work If There Was A Way To Inject The Files

A few days ago we told you that Pod2G successfully Jailbroke all iOS devices including the iPhone 4S and the new iPad Untethered on the iOS 5.1.1 firmware. The only iOS device that was not currently Jailbroken was the new 1080p Apple TV (Apple TV 3G). This is because the surface area to exploit on the new 1080p Apple TV is much smaller than on the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Recently hacker Pod2G gave us on update on the matter, or rather a better explanation on why he has not been able to Jailbreak the Apple TV 3G in the form of a tweet. He mentioned that while his Jailbreak would indeed work with the new 1080p Apple TV, he has no way to inject the files needed to commence the Jailbreak procedure.

Apple TV 3G JailbreakIn order to inject the necessary files hacker Pod2G would need to find a vulnerability in the Apple TV 3G, which would allow him to  inject code to change the course of execution of the Apple TV to accept the modified Jailbreak files. At this time Pod2G does not posses such a vulnerability, but in my opinion both Pod2G and the FireCore Dev-Team should be able to come up with a solution to finally Jailbreak the 1080p Apple TV. It is simply a matter of time…

Are you currently waiting for an Apple TV 3G Jailbreak? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Touzalt

    As a reminder, atv1 hasnt been jailbroken to date. So it is not a given that it is a matter of time. I have bougt an atv3 after having been insured by kowledgeable people and firecore blogposts hinting atv3 around the corner. Apple might have permanently pwned the jb artists.

  • Epytech

    I currently have a atv2 jailbroken which works like a charm. The atv3 is only being used as mirror device at moment with iPad, iPhone and iTunes. I’ll just be patiently waiting for the breakthrough on atv3 jailbreak news.

  • Cselovszki David

    Yes, i have the Aplle TV 3G and i want to try out a jailbroken aTV (i have never had a jailbroken or any aTV before)

  • Paul Is Nash

    What do you mean atv1 hasent been jailbroken….

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    The ATV1 doesn’t run iOS. It used an Intel processor, and was basically a stripped-down Mac mini. There was plenty of homebrew software for it. It used to be the Boxee box of choice before Boxee went out of Beta and started selling hardware.

  • Zabbit

    It would be nice to be able to upgrade from atv2 to 3, even though I don’t like the new interface… I

  • Winnj87

    Someone give this guy an award for being not only a pessimist, but an idiotic one.

  • Leelouch

    Yes waiting For it !! 

  • Layhtla

    work harder man


  • Jordans2005

    does anyone think this may never happen i am becoming increasingly worried atv3 will not happen :(

  • Ghostcell2

    would it be possible to inject the file thru another format like mp3 etc kind of work around it like the mp3 hack used to hack into a cars stereo awhile back

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Y666ZKNCI5TYLOA7UCAXPD2MJA Jordan

    That’s actually what I was thinking too.  Either the mp3 or the metadata associated with the mp3 might provide a way in.

  • df

    I too am eagerly awaiting an atv3 JB.

    It seems almost unfortunate that all other iOS devices can be hacked at this point. That means that there is less of an incentive to continue working on jailbreaks in general.

  • BuntuFreak

    For all technical savvy Apple folks possess, can’t they wake up and see their ATV device is used MORE after a JB than before? Those who are going to purchase media from iTunes are not going to stop doing so after they JB their device. Those that do not buy media from iTunes will not never do so without JB because NetFlix is cheaper.

    ATV1 still has a market on eBay (I have one). I never bought a ATV2 because I waited for the ATV3 which I did buy. ATV 2 is selling anywhere from $125 unhacked and used to $300 hacked and new. All Apple has to do is release an iOS patch for ATV3 that makes JB possible and jack up its retail price to $199 fro $99. It will kill the secondary eBay market for ATV2 and double Apple’s revenue on the ATV3. Everybody wins.

    I don’t get it. How someone can be so innovative at one end and be so obtuse at the other.

  • Aaa


  • http://profiles.google.com/dayton818 Andrew Dayton

    They make more money off the content, not the hardware.  It has nothing to do with innovation, it has everything to do with money and control.  If they allow JBing then they loose control over revenue streams.  When a person can’t JB the ATV they are forced to buy movies and content from iTunes which makes them more than the cost of the ATV.  Someday when the ATV is no longer profitable they may allow people to JB such as they now allow people to JB the ATV1.

  • sb

    Sorry, your logic is a little off.  I have a ATV3, and (obviously) it’s not jailbroken.  I have been able to use it 100% fine without buying a single thing from iTunes.  Is is a little more involved to dl an .avi and convert it to mp4?  OK, yes, but it has not prevented me from using my ATV3…

  • Matt360x

    ^ it would be a big ass mp3 file lol. I was wondering if the jb team sends out an update the same way apple updates there atv’s and iPhone Ect. That there may be a door they could hack. If the apple tv can update then there is a way to jb it. Hell even if we have to open it up an add to the circuit board.

    I want an apple tv but don’t want to pay 160 for a used atv2 I want a jb atv3

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    To update the Apple TV the way apple does it, you’d need to “sign” the code using a unique encryption key for each device and each firmware (SHSH blobs). You could try to guess the encryption key, but with current CPUs it’d take you just under the time until the heat death of the universe.

  • Iseal Art

    dale xixa loko¡¡ que esto urge¡ muxas gracias men

  • Ido

    Just got mine from the US.Useless piece of shit without the JB.

    It’s a beauty,I confess,but currently used as a very expensive paper weight…
    Would really appreciate a JB.Please?

  • Juma72

    atv3 please can’t wait for xbmc, thanks for your efforts on the rest of the ios.

  • Billymays

    Bullshit! POD2G FUCKING SUCKS!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002943895713 Robert Curriden

    Not to mention the multiple apps that exist that allow streaming just about any media that the desktop can play through, say a 3GS, to the ATV3 via airplay…. 

  • Mans Sahmoud


  • Unix

    hi everyone today is June 21 2012 I am promising everyone I will have the atv3 jailbroken by July 2 2012. I have change the firmware and replace the mac address I will list the new firmware and all the tools for xbmc install tools for public……

    Xapple Pro

  • Nezza1978

    Waiting patiently for jailbreak for tav 3…

  • joey

     don’t tease us!

  • Malc

    I bought an Apple TV 3Rd Gen..i heard about the jailbreaks for these devices..i bought one with the intention of jail braking it so i could watch all the channels i heard about..i should have bought   the 2nd gen because it’s not looking as tho this 3rd gen is gonna get a Jailbreak for it anytime soon??

  • Pastorman

    Could you possibly inject the ATV 3 with iOS 4.x or 5.0 and use fire ore or green0 to jail break. Witha developer account I could download the software and try to install it. Would iTunes keep me from downgrading the firmware?

  • Jeff

    Is there any way you can downgrade the firmware to 4.x and jailbreak with one of the older jailbreak options?

  • Wadi

    1 more day is it? Are we still on target?

  • Nezza1978

    Call me a cynic but i’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Waiting

    Yes we need it..

  • a_lunar_kid

    is it done?

  • Nselec

    hi today is 2 july 2012 any news on this jailbreak for apple tv 3 or was this just a fake post would love to jailbreak my apple tv 3 

  • Ipad lover

    Unix , is it for real or it was joke ? we are 2nd july nothing so far ?

  • Towafm


  • Nezza1978

    Methinks it was a ruse.

  • Nezza1978

    Well it’s july the 3rd and no atv 3 jailbreak . Unless a miracle occurs from Unix/Xapple Pro i suspect it’s a pipe dream. Ill stick to Firecore and jailbreak for news.

  • Lb

    in your dreams

  • Nselec

    no reply to my early post regarding jailbreak. why Unix/Xapple Pro i put crap on board is not the best way to get respect. Who would trust them in future

  • Kishen Mehta

    Unix it is July 10 and you promised a jailbreak by the 2nd. Please let us know of the status. Thanks

  • Themodster

    I’ll be waiting there must be a super nerd outhere that can crack the code:-)

  • Haigtokatlian

    Ipad Lover, he means 2013

  • abuawwad

    hi guys ,,,   apple iTV3 p1080 has successfully been jailbroken now,but there some bugs we are working to resolve it, so will publish all steps and files here soon.


  • Whodatbedare

    Just sayin what I’m feelin’.

    Ah, COME ON !!!!

    Ok, its all good.
    Back to patiently waiting.
    Thanks to all JB developers for all the effort so far.


  • PaulHammer

    :-(  i have a new Apple TV 3 :-( NO Jailbreak :-( :-(

  • Tyron

    you can do it guys,i believe in you ;)

  • Percyjase

    abuawwad even if there is still some bug i’d like to try it if you can give the files i really like that please.

  • Sez

    jailbrake nowwww pleasse

  • Numnum

    imho, it’s not going to happen.
    Oh, and Unix is an asshat.

  • Dunder

    how´s it going on the jailbreak for the 3rd gen ATV??

  • victor

    any joy on the jail break for Apple tV 3rd gen yet??

  • pad_gex

    Hi, any update on this ? Please let us know… Many thanks!!!