WallpaperLog Cydia Tweak: Active Console Log Background For Your iOS Device [Coming Soon]

It is no doubt that there are numerous tweaks available in Cydia to modify the look and feel of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Examples of these tweaks would be Springtomize 2 that allows you to more subtly change the look and feel of your iOS device or even theming platforms like WinterBoard that dramatically change the GUI (graphical user interface) of your iOS device. Now, it looks like we will have another tweak joining the ranks, and this time it comes from a well-known tweak developer who goes by the name of FilippoBiga.

You see, FlippoBiga has recently tweeted about a new Cydia tweak he is developing dubbed WallpaperLog. What the WallpaperLog Cydia tweak will do is actually put an active console log as the background for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Obviously this Cydia tweak is purely for aesthetic purposes, and will most likely only gravitate towards the geekier bunch. It is, however, still worth talking about as it will be released for FREE into Cydia in the very near future.

WallpaperLog Cydia Tweak

Right now the WallpaperLog Cydia tweak is just in the approval process to be added to one of the community sources such as BigBoss or ModMyi. When this tweak is released we will let you know, but until that time please let us know what you think of it in the comments section below…

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  1. Hks_hayato30 says:

    looks good, now i can keep track what my gf does to my iphone lolz
    thanks buddy, hope u guys push it out ASAP lolz

  2. is there any scrolling functionality? and will it keep logs of general UI alterations or actual system info?

    And will it have options to control speed, text size, and or color/font? Thanks

  3. Cant wait for it, hope it comes out soon

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