VideoLock: Disable The Pausing of Video Playback While your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad is in Sleep Mode!

It was only the other day that I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to prevent the pausing of video playback while I was listening to a song on YouTube? Then this evening I was browsing through Cydia, and stumbled upon a new tweak for your iDevice called VideoLock. Lets just say this tweak was a perfect fix, for the frustration of not being able to put your iDevice to sleep while listening to a song on YouTube, or even Mobile Safari.

When you install the VideoLock tweak on your iDevice, you will immediately notice that you no longer have to worry about having to restart your playback each time you want to put your iDevice in your pocket and turn off the screen. From now on, video playback will still be able to continue, regardless of whether your iDevice goes in sleep mode or not.

To be honest, I really think this should be a option available on stock Apple iDevices, as in my opinion this tweak really adds some key missing functionality. Regardless this new tweak is a great fix for the video playback problem experienced, while listening to music through YouTube or MobileSafari. If you are interested in the VideoLock tweak, it is available through the Cydia Store for the price of $0.99.

Note: This tweak will only work on the iOS4+ Firmware, and it will not add any icons to your homescreen.

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  1. I use an Ipod and hate it says:

    You shouldn’t have to jailbreak to be able to get a tweak like this. I HATE my ipod because of the stupid video lock thing

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