Download The Fully Functional Sara Siri Clone For All iOS Devices [Cydia Tweak]

It is no question that there has been numerous attempts made to bring Siri to older generation iOS devices. One of the best attempts comes in the form of the Spire Cydia tweak, but the only problem with Spire is that it requires you to have access to a Siri proxy server. Thus, due to this requirement many people have not been able to successfully use Siri on their older generation iOS device.

If you are looking for a free alternative to Spire that does not require a Siri proxy server then you may want to check out the SARA Cydia tweak. What is SARA? Well, SARA is one of the best Siri clones ever developed that has the same GUI (graphical user interface) as Siri and supports the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 2G, iPad 1G, iPad 2, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G and even the iPod Touch 2G.

SARA Cydia Tweak

What sets SARA apart from other Siri clones is that the SARA Cydia tweak extends the default functionality of Siri by a ten-fold. You can, for example, find places anywhere around the world, control your computer, send messages, translate words, update social media accounts like Facebook/Twitter and so much more all with the power of your voice. You can take a look art the complete list of features for the SARA Cydia tweak in the quoted area below.

  • Find local business & direction (everywhere, not only US and Canada)
  • Search Google, Wikipedia
  • Call, message
  • View the movie schedule from nearest cinema
  • Read newspaper (via RSS)
  • Check mail
  • Remote control PC
  • Search videos from youtube, songs
  • Toggle on/off system functional (wifi, bluetooth, 3G etc)
  • Translate, support > 37 languages
  • Read barcode, qr code then find price, local business sell this
  • OCR feature (Image to text), you can use Sara instead of scanner
  • Social network support, share photos, comments on Facebook, twitter
  • Search product price, local business
  • Open apps
  • Weather

If you are interested in downloading the SARA Cydia tweak to your iOS device you can add the repository below by launching Cydia, going into the manage tab, then the sources section, clicking the edit and then the add button:

I personally was not able to install SARA from the repository shown above because it kept timing out so I had to install it manually by downloading the Sara.deb 0.3 file. If you would like to also go this route click here to download the latest version of the Sara.deb file. We will have a how to available for installing the SARA Cydia tweak from the official repository and manually in the near future, until that time please stay tuned and leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section below…

Update #1: For all of you wondering the SARA Cydia tweak is based on Spire and uses a 3rd party server for most requests. This means that there is a possibility your personal information sent through Siri could be being logged (even though the author notes no information will ever be logged). Use SARA at your own risk.

Update #2: Click here to download if the above download link isn’t working for you.

Update #3: There is now a complete how to for installing SARA both through Cydia and manually, which is available by clicking here.

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  1. Hi, I’m not very experienced at this kind of thing but im just wondering where Sara sends all this data? Im assuming not the apple servers, so is it safe to use? im one of those who worries a lot, thanks :)

  2. where does the voice recognition part take place?!
    local? on the official siri-server’s? or on a untrustworthy server (of the auther) in the net? (please… don’t say just we don’t need a proxy any more but which technique it use instead!)

  3. also, PLEASE…. could you up’ it on a mirror, it’s a pain… no difference downloading it in cydia or from their site! :(

  4. Please give the mirror!!!!

  5. will downloading this cause a problem if we already have spire installed? (haven’t found a working proxy) like we won’t get a rebooting problem right? 

  6. the deb file comes up empty giving errors can u do a next link pleaseeeee

  7. Would this work on a 4S cos I’d like to try it out

  8. man this file is iffy as even the speed of the download is shady a 9.5 mb taking like 22 min to download and i have a 20 mb internet speed so i know its not me imma leave it till they bring out a proper link but thanks anyway

  9. well i just tried it guys and it seem to be working and thats great job only its an app and not a built in siri instead of the voice control, still do great job thanks Sara-siri team :)

  10. howdo you manually install it? where do you put the file?

  11. Noel Sarah Dietrich says:

    No luck with the Cydia or the manual download. But I’ll be excited if these does end up working!

  12. Why would you want it on a 4S if you already have Siri? :O

  13. Mark Mufc Hewick says:

    do we need spire to use this 
    can someone tell me how to install sara plz

  14. Mark Mufc Hewick says:

    same old bring stuff out and it donr work spire then this

  15. this doesnt worjk properly it a app and not very accurate:/ cant even say my name

  16. this need to be updated, inbuilt and highly accurate:/

  17. Renzskux_gamer says:

    it good, but must be inbuilt and it doesnt say what i said:/ ><

  18. sucks

  19. Too good. Responds amazingly. love it. Love u sara. thanks guys

  20. Michael Scott Allen says:

    This was fun for about three minutes, then you realize that it’s still pretty much neutered without being an iPhone 4S… It took longer to get running than it did to figure out it’s useless.

  21. Mark Mufc Hewick says:

    better apps out there such as evi,voice actions vokul, get better responses from the cat lmao

  22. Is there anyway you can add alarm, timer and possibly reminder functions to Sara? Thanks

  23. Poppi_moeez says:

    I cant send a message i keep on asking it to message my mom and it doesnt

  24. The voice recognition is pretty good, but the only thing I have gotten it to do is tell me the weather. If I ask it directions it’ll come back with some random response like “Can’t be helped, it’s too late now.” Once when I said “Compose a text message.” it said “Musical composer.”

    Don’t bother unless this gets fixed.

  25. iPod User says:

    works fine on my ipod touch 4g

  26. Jailbreak noob says:
  27. Maxlau88 says:

    thanks bro it was awesome but sara called me a duck other than that i love you for this

  28. Baltispiele says:

    my link keeps timing out. Need help!!!

  29. Edwin Schuss says:

     the article says it happens on the author’s server.

  30. Slimshade46 says:
  31. Arjun31121997 says:

    Which package did you download ?

  32. G_moens says:

    i can’t download it on my iphone 3G and the most of the packages in the source are gone pleas help thanks

  33. Farticusten says:

    I tried all three of the download links and I get errors on all of them.

  34. i downloaded sara 0.3 and i can’t do anything on my iPod touch now all i see is saralocationnot i can’t even open up cydia to uninstall it please help me i don’t want to restore my iPod again

  35. Siriport is an alternative, I found it a lot easier to download and a lot less buggy and glitchy when searching for the app.
    However, with any major tweak (siriport being about 100meg) it really slowed down my phone, and the mail app kept quitting whenever I opened an email.

  36. doubledouble says:

    the repo worked perfectly for me. thanks a LOT, now I have sara on my ipod touch 4g!

  37. timboslice says:

    did not work.

  38. I dont no why but my phone keeps restringing becuase of sara

  39. Dont get the right repo, get a weird repo with sara .1, .2, and .3, none work on iphone 3g

  40. Szenesis Jailbreaker says:

    Safe Mode my friend uninstall it with by safe mode. Later respring and gone. After that download Sara 0.2 and tadaa: SARA is now on your ipod :)

  41. commanderbass says:

    all repo`s and download`s down?

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