Get Animated Wallpapers On Your Lockscreen Or Homescreen With The LivePapers Cydia Tweak

If you have been looking for animated wallpapers for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then look no further than LivePapers. With the LivePapers Cydia tweak you can finally have a live, animated wallpaper on your iOS device in a powerful and battery efficient application. LivePapers uses OpenGL ES to provide smooth animations and increased performance on a level never seen before on any iOS Device.

Simply download LivePapers and you will find a new app on your homescreen. Upon launching the application you will be able to browse a library of pre-installed wallpapers and of course download new animated wallpapers that are available on Cydia.

Unfortunately LivePapers only comes with 1 animated wallpaper off the bat and downloading new ones is hard, as there isn’t a large selection on Cydia right now. This should hopefully improve over time though. This nice thing about LivePapers is that it is a free Cydia tweak however, and you can enjoy the stock animation it comes with which is a bubble animation that actually looks pretty neat.

LivePages Cydia Tweak

You can find LivePapers¬†on the BigBoss repo via Cydia and additional wallpapers can be found by searching LivePapers into Cydia’s search tab. LivePapers surely isn’t the only tweak to provide live wallpaper functionality, but it definitely lives up to its promise of being stable and battery efficient.

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  1. How does this affect battery life?

  2. Porkholt Labs! says:

    As far as our internal tests were concerned, no real difference could be spotted in the battery life

  3. faithfullie says:

    How about device speed, memory

  4. Chris Haunold says:

    Doesnt work with springtimize 2 installed

  5. Porkholt Labs! says:

    We are aware that some other third party apps may interfere with LivePapers and we are currently studying this issue.
    Device speed was unaffected.

  6. For me the animation stops completely when I open Notification Center or SBSettings dropdown window. The animation continues only when I lock my phone. Otherwise, pretty cool!
    iPhone4S & iOS6.1.2

  7. Fabian Siegel says:

    no it wokrs on my iphone 5 ios 6.1.2 with auxo, springtomize 2 e.g :D

  8. Fabian Siegel says:

    it doesm’t slow down my iphone 5 and the battery drain is not visible

  9. iPhone 4s IOS 6.1.2 Crash with springtomize 2. But it works fine without springtomize 2. In settings > wallpapers, I got all the iOS stock wallpapers all black.

  10. I’ve found that this doesn’t work with Typophone 4…

  11. Peter Harte says:

    Phone crashes when holding the home button long to make a voice activated call.
    Same thing when i try to make a call in the car trough BT. Narrowed it down to Livepapers after deactivating all other mobile substrate add ons….
    Restored the phone, rejb’d and only installed Livepapers. Same crash (respring and back in safe mode) when doing the above things… Help!

  12. Tornad092 says:

    has anyone figured a way to make it work with typophone 4 ?

  13. It makes my lockscreen black.

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