Upcoming Cydia Tweak Redesigns The Lockscreen Camera Grabber With Extended Functionality

The Lockscreen is probably one of my favourite areas to tweak once Jailbroken. There are just so many tweaks for the lockscreen that are pretty incredible to say the least. Some of my favourites include Intelliscreen X, Unfold and AndroidLock XT.

Most of the time my favourite Cydia tweaks modify iOS in a way that look native; more-or-less how Apple would have designed a particular functionality.

That is why when I saw this concept for putting customizable app shortcuts on the Lockscreen I was instantly a fan. Especially because we have gotten word that developer @rud0lf77 is actually working to make the tweak into a reality. As you will see in the concept video below, the app shortcuts are design to look like Apple implemented the functionality themselves.

Simply place your finger on the camera grabber shortcut to reveal other app shortcuts. Drag your finger across to one of those shortcuts, pull up and the app will be revealed. This is just like how the current camera grabber shortcut works now. Apparently there is no ETA on this tweak, but we will let you guys know when it officially drops.

In the mean time, let us know what you think of this tweak in the comments section below.

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  1. That would be a great addition, something I would use for sure

  2. Nice

  3. LockSliderz >>

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