Unfold Cydia Tweak Has Been Released; The Cooler Way To Unlock Your iPhone And iPod Touch

A few days ago, Jaden told you about a new upcoming tweak called Unfold. The tweak that replaced the stock Slide to Unlock feature with a really cool fold to unlock lockscreen. We even showed you how the tweak worked and the animation looked really cool, a lot of users liked it. Well, now it’s available for you to install.

Unfold is now available in the BigBoss repo for free and does just what it is supposed to do. However, since this is an initial release, there are a lot of bugs and incompatibility issues with other tweaks to look out for. There are no settings to configure, just install and go. The tweak is said to be compatible with tweaks such as Lockinfo, Intelliscreen X, Camera Grabber, and Bulletin. It requires iOS 5 or higher to work. Also, you will lose the iOS 5.1 camera button after installing this tweak. The developer should probably look in to that. Apart from that, the tweak is just amazing. I specially like how smooth the folding animation is. For now, the tweak isn’t iPad compatible, but such a thing would look really cool on the iPad.

Download Unfold for free from the BigBoss repo and tell us how you like it. Let us know if you’re facing any problems or such.

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  1. Brandan P. says:

    Correction to OP, the camera button is still functional after install this tweak. pretty cool tweak thanks o_Ob

  2. second that. cam swipe works fine. very cool tweak, i’d gladly pay for this tweak.

  3. Mark Mufc Hewick says:

    my iphone was buggy after installing this as son as  i took it off everything was fine again

  4. Endscrypt says:

    After installing Unfold, I found i could no longer switch my alarm clock off on the lock screen.Also on boot up my i4s is now failing to ask for my pin code when i fold to unlock. Dont ask me? Just letting use guys know the bugs!

  5. First “slide to unfold” after reboot or respiring is great… Shows the icons as it unfolds and it very smooth. After the first one however, it just shows a black screen while “unfolding”… Still an awesome tweak!

  6. Now i cant unlock my phone. It swipes across and the screen freezes with the “fold to unlock” screen  partially unfolded and i cannot click anything, how can i remove it?

  7. watch out who have already installed something like androidlockXP, after installing unfold, I cant enter anymore in anything.. I can see my icons, but it dont enter in anything.. Thinking in full restore just to get my programs usefulls..

  8. Racruz7 says:

    I Downloaded, and after installation I could not lock my phone… When I lock it, and then unlock it, there is no lockscreen whatsoever and it skips to my home screen… And my icons are untouchable and scattered everywhere… I deleted the tweak but problem persists :(

  9. NOT fully compatible with intelliscreenx.
    After unfolding (unlocking) whatever intelliscreenx window you were looking remains on the screen and you have to manually swipe it off.

    The novelty of a folding screen is not worth the extra step to unlock and use the phone.

  10. I can’t find “Unfold” in the BigBoss repo. Perhaps it’s been taken down to address those bugs.

  11. Michael Schnier says:

    I’m really impressed with the tweak. My only niggle is that the screen flashes black after folding, when it switches from the screenshot to the actual phone interface.

  12. Michael Schnier says:

    Did you try respringing and rebooting?

  13. youtube / watch?v=uJZR5fb1i5c

  14. Michael Schnier says:

    You’ll notice Sid said “5.1”. I think he meant the Camera pull tab, which either would have been replaced with a camera button or wouldn’t work, depending on whether the developer accounted for a tethered iPhone 4.

  15. the same thing .. I will be glad if the developers will update the bug. 

  16. Leroy157 says:

    I had the exact same problem on my 5.01 4s initially, and my phone has a pass code on it, But Iwas able to get in and remove unfold after a reboot. hopefully you have luck with this, but you’re not the only one that had that problem. :(

  17. enscryprio says:

    The same thing happened to me, I go to unlock it but it just freezes. To fix this, just hold down the home and sleep button until the apple logo appears. Once it has booted up it will take you to the enter passcode screen or the home screen and from there you can go into cydia and delete it. I’m just hoping that there will be a version 2 of this because it looks really cool

  18. Racruz7 says:

    Yes, I guess I’m going to wait to Friday morning for the 5.1.1 untethered jb, and restore and update to that

  19. DATA-ABUS3R says:

    Refresh your cydia where it says Changes and on the upper left corner press refresh and now it’ll appear

  20. DATA-ABUS3R says:

    It’s FREE!!!!

  21.  thats why i said, i would gladly… if you dont understand english, it means even if its not free, i will still use and purchase this tweak

  22. crap.  Tried it on 3 different phones.  All would just swipe to the exact same image and make the phone useless

  23. okcgirl says:

    same thing happened to me, i kept respringing until I could enter it. 

  24. Dcher88 says:

    Just downloaded the tweak and now all my icons are unable to open.  Tried to reboot & respring many times but no good.

  25. This is a great tweak, but it still contains many issues that should be fixed.

    First it needs to have the camera functionality, like the default slide to unlock has.

    Second while using this tweak, it stops functioning properly, in that whenever you fold across, the background and icons is not shown, instead it just shows a black screen which is just ugly to look at.

    Once these issues are corrected this tweak will definitely be a must have, but until then I will stick to something else.

  26. ArcticPrince says:

    If you install this you will not be able to shutoff your alarm clock!  The only way to turn off your alarm clock is to shut the phone down.  I uninstalled unfold and my alarm returned to its normal status.  I guess the “slide to turn off” the alarm clock was overwritten by the slide to unfold.

  27. not working with ipad

  28. I had the same problem. Then the phone kept rebooting itself until the battery died. Put it on a charger, switched it on, removed this tweak and all was well again.

    Nice twek but still buggy.

  29. Ultimate_xcutioner says:

    amazing tweak … love it… just 2 issues….
    First.. Unfold and NoCameraGrabber ( For 5.1.1 ) don’t work well together… The text “Fold To Unlock” gets all messed up…. so i removed NoCameraGrabber and instead installed No Lockscreen Camera ( For 5.0+)  this combo works  without any probz … i read that Lockinfo can also help if your facing a similar problem….. Hope this helps.. :)

    Second… It would be really cool if we didn’t have to slide the same bar location as of before but instead a vertical bar on left side of the screen.. meaning we could fold from anywhere from top to bottom from the left side … i think it would be amazing … again this is an amazing Tweak loved it the first time….

  30. I had the same prblem! Where can you find unfold in iFile?

  31. where is Unfold in iFile? cant access my phone so using iExplore on my PC… 

  32. Dear lord , after installed every app that i open is like opening on the upper left corner on the screen and i am going mad trying to unistall it

  33. Still a little buggy even after recent update.  Works fine for a while but then ‘sticks’ and blocks most of the screen.  I have to reboot to fix, which isn’t ideal.  Shame as when it works its great…

  34. jsaint 31atch!! says:

    I have Android lock XT and when i try and do that code with it will not allow me to put in the passcode 

  35. Works awesome!

  36. it fucked up my ipad1 haha should have known that it was’nt compatible… restoring and re-jailbreaking…

  37. it fucked up mine… haha

  38. Chocolate10 says:

    i hav a same problem..i installed the tweak and then i just respringed my device and now nthng is working,all the thngs are stucked plzz tell me what to do???

  39. Chocolate10 says:

    hey dude i just installed ths tweak unfold and now my iphone is stucked so what i am suppose to do..plzz telll me cuz my iphone is stucked as well i am..

  40. Brendan College says:

    When I unlock it, it doesn’t have the “fold to unlock” like i see in the videos, just the regular slide to unlock.

  41. abdulrahman says:

    i cant get in to my ipad is it because its an ipad HELP PLEEAASSEE!!!

  42. abdulrahman says:

    how to delete?


  44. I installed the ‘unfold’ and now I can not use any app, it just doesn’t open, so I can not even go to cydia to remove the ‘unfold’. could someone help me with this please?

  45. it became PAID app!

  46. If it works ios 8.1.2

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