SpeakEvents Cydia Tweak: Siri-Like Voice Notifications For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad

Wouldn’t it be great if your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad could speak? Well, if you answered yes to this question then you should check out the SpeakEvents Cydia tweak, which will bring voice alerts to your iOS device. This means you will no longer have to manually check who is writing you a message via SMS, iMessage or email.

The main features of SpeakEvents can be found in the quoted area below…

  • works on every device with iOS 5+ and has configurable options in the Settings.app
  • automatic language detection with support for multiple languages (en, de, pl, cz, es, ru, more to come)
  • select apps for which to speak notifications
  • allowed time range (to avoid waking you up)
  • does not speak in silent mode (won’t disturb you)
  • enable/disable reading of message bodies
  • Uses the phonetic contact names or nicknames from Contacts.app

Although you can download this Cydia tweak for FREE you will need to purchase a license for a price of $1.99 AUD, which is approximately the same price in US dollars.

SpeakEvents Cydia TweakHave you had a chance to try the SpeakEvents Cydia tweak out? Let us know what you thought about it in the comments section below…

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  • Djlipkiss

    Uninstalled it as sooner than i installed it.How can i pay for something i dont know how it works.

  • Repstein

    If no trial to see how well it works, I am not forking over money to the developer

  • Mark

    Does anyone know if this has bluetooth support?  If paired with a headset or my car stereo, will the audio come through this device?

  • Joseph Treadwell

    Any one know if this thing works? I would love to pay for it but only if it works well. 

  • Jeramy Simonian

    It works for me with a Jawbone Icon headset.

  • Kuyg

    worked fine before todays update

  • mark

    A couple weeks ago i asked about bluetooth support.  It did support a2dp bluetooth but not regular bluetooth.  I sent an email to the developer and in todays update it is now an option.  I am very happy with the app and the update.  It works very well.  Until now there was only one app i jail broke for and that was intelliscreenx.  Now there are two.

  • Jonathan Guntert

    It keeps going into safe mode when someone calls.. is there a fix?