WhatsApp For iOS 7 To Be Released Next Week [Video]

WhatsApp, the most popular and successful social messenger, will get an awesome update for iOS 7 within the next couple weeks.

The new update will feature a completely new design and some amazing features. However, it has a dark keyboard which in my opinion looks bad (spoiler alert).

Below is some leaked pictures of WhatsApp running on the iPhone 5S.

WhatsApp for iOS 7 leaked

German YouTube user ITRaidDE also posted a hands-on video of an iPhone 5s with the new version of WhatsApp for iOS 7 (version This is what WhatsApp for iOS 7 will look like:

It’s not like the design we saw in September but it still looks very nice, doesn’t it?

It’s a huge update with a design that makes sense on iOS 7, not like the old, ugly, and outdated older versions of WhatsApp.

Although it’s not clear how he got the new update of WhatsApp, everything shared looks legitimate and it should only be a matter of time before we see it touchdown into the App Store.

Did you like the new long waiting WhatsApp design? Let us know below.

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  • Jeroen Woltjes

    It’s about time that whatsapp will get an update to ios7. I like the new interface, which fits in the whole style of ios7, but I wouldn’t call it a huge update. the elements are still the same, the text balloons are still the same shape and colors (I would’ve liked if they made it more like the messages app), all the settings are the same, and there aren’t any newly added features. I heard rumors about the integration of Voice Over Internet Protocol in whatsapp, what would be a fantastic and very logic addition to the app (just look at the logo!) In that way, I am kinda disappointed if this is all we get, especially because of the time it took to get the update out (theming shouldn’t take That long, would it?)

  • Khaled Ob

    Cool Story Bro…

  • What?

    It’s actually a very valid comment, for the section named ‘comments’ you utter moronic dickwad.