“IntelliScreenX” Released On iTunes App Store; Yep, It’s Another Clock

Last week we posted a warning about a fake release of the popular Cydia tweak “SBSettings” that had found its way into iTunes–despite the misleading description ripped from Cydia, the paid app was an alarm clock. While that knockoff app was eventually pulled, a whole crop of fake apps are still online.

Appearance to the contrary, this is not the IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak.

“IntelliScreenX – Notification Center the way it should be!” is another paid alarm clock, this time masquerading as the IntelliScreenX Cydia tweak. The tweak claims that it allows you to “View Calendar, Email, Text Messages, News, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and more from your iPhone “Slide To Unlock” screen”, which is impossible to sell through iTunes under Apple’s current regulations. Despite this, at least three customers were duped into paying for the false tweak.

In addition, the same developer has released an app that claims to provide NFC functionality to the iPhone 5. While the app has 24 improbably positive reviews, the iPhone 5 does not, in fact, contain a NFC radio. As was reported shortly after the iPhone 5 first leaked, NFC’s induction transmitters need to be fairly large to function, would be disrupted by the metal panel at the back of the iPhone 5, and the missing transmitter certainly isn’t going to be installed by buying an app.

Though Apple prevents purchased apps from altering system files or the way the User Interface works, apparently to avoid confusing users, it seems that customers still get confused and duped in Apple’s closed ecosystem.

Despite the fact this app is rated 17+, the only obscenity is it claims to enable NFC on the iPhone 5.

Remember that IntelliScreenX and SBSettings is in Cydia because apps that alter the iOS user experience are not allowed in the App Store, and NEVER download an app that claims to enable hardware that your phone outright doesn’t have.

Given Apple’s feared approval process, you have to wonder how these apps got into iTunes in the first place. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • http://twitter.com/redevil1987 Damian W

    Weird that Apple lets this developer post false information about the app. Thank god he does not charge 10 bucks for it as intelli teaam does.

  • http://Michaelschnier.tumblr.com Michael Schnier

    Apple mostly pulls apps that are too useful. :P