P0sixninja Could Have In His Possession The Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak


Since the release of the iOS 6.1.3 firmware, Apple has essentially killed Jailbreaking for the time being. Those that Jailbreak on iOS 6 prior to iOS 6.1.3 can maintain their Jailbreak by not updating, but whenever Apple starts releasing unjailbreakable firmwares the numbers of Jailbroken devices start dropping and people begin to wonder when the […]

[UPDATED] Evasi0n Updated To Version 1.5.2 With New Language Localizations And An Updated Cydia Packages List


The iOS 6.x Untethered Jailbreak has been special in a lot of ways. Not only was it one of the most popular Jailbreaks of all time, it was one of the most anticipated and also one of the longest standing Jailbreaks. In fact, it has been 5 weeks since Apple has patched the Untethered iOS […]

Evasi0n Updated To Version 1.5.1 With Updated Cydia Packages List [Download Now]

The Evasi0n Jailbreaking software has been used by a whopping 14 million people around the world to Jailbreak their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on any firmware version up to iOS 6.1.2. In total there is over 23 million Jailbroken devices in circulation! There were some staggering statistics shared by Evad3rs team member Pod2G a […]

Evasi0n Updated To Version 0.4 To Fix Booting Problems [Updated]


The Evasion Jailbreaking software has been updated to version 0.4 today to fix some booting problems that were affecting a small userbase. This update has also been implemented in the actual Evasi0n Jailbreak software, so individuals freshly Jailbreaking will not have to worry about any issues. Those of you who are Jailbroken on iOS 6.x […]

How To: Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 Untethered On The iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad With Evasi0n 1.4


Apple released the iOS 6.1.2 firmware to fix an Exchange calendar bug and to a lot of peoples surprise, the fruit company never patched the Evasi0n iOS 6.x Untethered exploit. As such, the Evad3rs released Evasi0n 1.4 with support for Jailbreaking the iOS 6.1.2 firmware Untethered on all iOS devices. It is recommended that everyone update […]

Evasi0n 1.4 Released With Support For Jailbreaking iOS 6.1.2 Untethered On iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad


That was fast! Only a few hours after Planetbeing tweeted iOS 6.1.2 was Jailbreak safe, the Evad3rs have updated Evasi0n to version 1.4 to support Jailbreaking the iOS 6.1.2 firmware Untethered on all iOS devices. For those of you who don’t know what iOS 6.1.2 patches, it fixes a bug relating to Microsoft Exchange. It is […]

aTV Flash (black) 2.2 Released With iOS 5.2 (6.1) Support Along With Seas0nPass

It has finally happened! The FireCore Dev-Team have updated aTV Flash (black) to version 2.2 to support the freshly released 5.2 (iOS 6.1) Apple TV firmware. This means you can now Jailbreak your 2nd generation Apple TV on 5.2 and install aTV Flash (black) without any hiccups (no the 3rd generation Apple TV is not […]

How To: Jailbreak iOS 6.1.1 Beta 1 Untethered With RedSn0w And Evasi0n


The iOS 6.1.1 beta 1 firmware was released by Apple this week and although many people thought for sure Apple had patched the exploit used by Evasi0n to Jailbreak iOS 6.x Untethered, the fruit company actually didn’t. This is not to say that in future beta iterations of iOS 6.1.1 Apple won’t patch the exploit, but […]

Evasi0n 1.2 Released With Bug Fixes And OTA Update Removal, Download Now Or Update Through Cydia


The Evasi0n Jailbreaking tool was updated to version 1.1 on Wednesday to fix two errors relating to the Weather app and long boot times. Now, the Evad3rs have released Evasi0n 1.2 that disables over-the-air (OTA) updates and corrects timezone issues. As OTA updates do not work on Jailbroken devices anyways, this is a handy update. […]

How To: Jailbreak iOS 6 / iOS 6.1 Untethered And Preserve Baseband Using Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8 [Windows]


Earlier today we told you that iH8Sn0w had released Sn0wbreeze v2.9.8 with support for Jailbreaking A4 iOS devices Untethered running the iOS 6.0, 6.0.1 or 6.1 firmware. The reason why Sn0wbreeze does not support A5+ devices like the iPhone 5 is because there is no low-level exploit available. Sn0wbreeze differs from tools like Evasi0n because it creates […]