Pros And Cons Of Going Caseless With Your Smartphone

Photo Mar 01, 8 09 21 PM

Debates between using a case or going caseless appear quite often. Almost everyone has thought about the pros of going naked on their iPhones. It’s a cliché question but, it will still be asked (and debated) until the iPhone itself dies. First of all, many people think that an iPhone worth $800 is more than a […]

Leaked Images Of ‘HTC First’ The Facebook Phone Emerge Ahead Of Announcement


The long rumored Facebook phone may soon become a reality. The social networking giant has already sent out invitations to ta media for an Android related press conference happening on April 4th. We’ve been hearing about a HTC branded Facebook phone for quite some time now and it looks like the company will be finally unveiling a […]

Facebook Sends Out Invites To An Event On April 4th To Potentially Announce A Smartphone


Facebook has just sent out invitations to the press today to an event that will be taking place at their headquarters on April 4th. The headline of the invitation reads “come see our new home on Android” and many people are expecting this to be an announcement of a new Android OS centralized around Facebook. […]

Xolo, The Rival To Samsung’s Galaxy S4

Xolo Handset

Xolo – behind this name is a mobile device with technical specifications that intend to match up to Samsung’s Galaxy S4. It will be unveiled at the same time as its South Korean counterpart and will use its speed as its homerun swing. Xolo is a handset that has been introduced as “the world’s first […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 Was The World’s Best Selling Smartphone In Q4 2012


According to a new report from research firm Strategy Analysts, Apple’s iPhone 5 was the world’s best selling smartphone in Q4 2012. Shocking? Not really, because the iPhone 5 did quite well and sold about 27 million units in Q4 2012. Strategy Analysts had also posted a report which said that the iPhone 5 was also […]

HTC Announces Its New “One” Smartphone With 4.7-Inch 1080p Display, Quad-Core CPU And More


HTC has just announced its new “One” smartphone that sports a giant 4.7-inch high definition display with 468 pixels per inch (versus the iPhone 5 that has a 326 pixels per inch with a smaller screen). This of course is all powered by a beefy 1.7-gigahertz quad-core snapdragon processor with 2 gigabytes of RAM. The 1.7-gigahertz quad-core processor […]

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone Announced, Q10 To Come Later

BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

BlackBerry™ have finally released the phone that has the power to save them, the BlackBerry Z10. But only in the UK it seems, starting on the 31st of January. US is to receive BlackBerry’s new handset in March. It is an unusual choice, as the US has a bigger market and population! But nevertheless, BlackBerry have decided to […]

Unlocking Your Smartphone Could Land You A $500,000 Fine And Imprisonment For 5 Years

Last year the Librarian of Congress announced that unlocking your cellular device would become illegal after January 26th, 2013. Well, the day has come and it is now illegal to unlock your smartphone without the permission of your carrier. I am sure you are wondering just what happens if you break the law and unlock […]

Could Dual-Screen Smartphones Be The Future? NEC Announces The Medias W With Two 4.3-Inch Screens


Two-screened handsets are certainly not new — just look at the Kyocera Echo and Sony Tablet P — however The Verge recently had a chance to go hands on with a new device from a company called NEC. This particular device is called the Medias W and was originally teased about a year ago. The Medias W has two foldable qHD […]

Samsung’s Flexible Phone At CES 2013 Hints At An Exciting Future For Smartphones

Samsung Youm

A few exciting things happened at CES this year with gaming stealing most of the headlines. One can’t forget some of the unexpected hardware manufactures like Huawei releasing some really great smartphones either and of course the bigger and curvier Smart TVs being unveiled by the likes of Panasonic and Samsung. A smartphone hiding in […]