Pros And Cons Of Going Caseless With Your Smartphone

Photo Mar 01, 8 09 21 PM

Debates between using a case or going caseless appear quite often. Almost everyone has thought about the pros of going naked on their iPhones. It’s a cliché question but, it will still be asked (and debated) until the iPhone itself dies. First of all, many people think that an iPhone worth $800 is more than a […]

Unlocking Your Smartphone Could Land You A $500,000 Fine And Imprisonment For 5 Years

Last year the Librarian of Congress announced that unlocking your cellular device would become illegal after January 26th, 2013. Well, the day has come and it is now illegal to unlock your smartphone without the permission of your carrier. I am sure you are wondering just what happens if you break the law and unlock […]

The DMCA Have Concluded That Jailbreaking Smartphones Is Legal, But Jailbreaking Tablets And Unlocking Smartphones Is Not


The Digital Millennium Copyright was introduced to essentially make it illegal for people to bypass digital rights management schemes. After passing the DMCA in 1998 however, Congress gave the Librarian of Congress the power to grant certain exemptions, which will be in force for three years. Jailbreaking, as well as unlocking smartphones has been on the […]

Android And iOS: A Revolution In The Smartphone Industry [Infographic]


Every day, miraculous technologies are seen in the Information Technology (IT) industry around the globe. The way the international electronic market is flourishing is amazing and highly beneficial for the community. On one hand, technology is getting faster and more efficient with the passage of time. On the other hand, it is also becoming even […]

Android Rooting VS iOS Jailbreaking: Which Community Is Better?


While both Android and iOS both have homebrew communities, they are very different from each other. In fact, I was in for a big surprise when I got into Android Rooting. One cannot argue the fact that jailbreaking an iOS device is a lot more popular and well known than rooting any Android device, but […]