Apple Is Now Locking Screenshots For Submitting Apps To Counter Scam Tactics

I would say 2012 was one of the worst years for App Store scams in the history of the App Store. Whether it be developers ripping off people claiming they developed Cydia tweaks which were ready for distribution on the official App Store or plain rip offs of other games that end up being low […]

RedPois0n Promises To Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 Untethered On All Devices, Is Yet Another Scam


Whenever a new Jailbreaking solution pops up on the internet that hasn’t been heard of there is a 99.9% chance that it is fake. I have outlined many times in the past that Apple is continually making Jailbreaking harder to the point where iOS is one of the hardest to exploit operating systems on the […]

“IntelliScreenX” Released On iTunes App Store; Yep, It’s Another Clock


Last week we posted a warning about a fake release of the popular Cydia tweak “SBSettings” that had found its way into iTunes–despite the misleading description ripped from Cydia, the paid app was an alarm clock. While that knockoff app was eventually pulled, a whole crop of fake apps are still online. “IntelliScreenX – Notification […]

Phony Pod2g Blog Claims “Absinthe 3.0 Is Out!” Look Out For Fake iOS 6/iPhone 5 Jailbreaks


This is a warning to always be careful about the source of a jailbreak. There are scammers out there who pretend to be legitimate developers, who will attempt to infect your computer, trick you out of your money, or funnel ad revenue to their sites without delivering the goods. If you see an ad or […]

“SBSettings” Finds Its Way To iTunes — Sound The Alarm!


Under Apple’s rules, certain iOS programs are impossible to sell through iTunes. There aren’t any Apple-approved apps that allow you to alter iOS’ user interface, access the root filesystem, or allow you to control your iPhone directly from your PC. These are the reasons why I choose to jailbreak; so I can install whatever I […]

You Can Own A First-Gen iPhone For Just $10,000 On eBay


It’s no secret that Apple has an oddly devoted fanbase that borders on obsession sometimes, and it looks like someone on eBay wants to cash in on that. A real, reputable eBay seller has posted a listing for a first-generation iPhone, still sealed in the factory shrink wrap. For the privilege of owning this immaculate example […]

Don’t Be Fooled By The Fake Activator App That Has Appeared In The Apple App Store


The Activator Cydia tweak is by far one of the most useful tweaks available because it packs so much functionality. In fact, there are a lot of Cydia tweaks that rely on Activator for activation gestures because it was so well designed. Personally I have used Activator extensively in the past when my home button […]

The App Store’s Display Recorder Is Not Ryan Petrich’s App, Shouldn’t Be Possible In The App Store


Who would imagine there would be two jailbreak knockoff apps available in the iTunes App Store so soon together? The “Display Recorder” in the App Store is not the same as the Display Recorder application available through Cydia, and is also not associated with its creator, Ryan Petrich. For his part, Petrich recently announced on […]

‘Cydia’ On Sale In The App Store For $0.99; Don’t Bite Into That Apple

Cydia App Store App Icon-ijailbreak

The codling moth, or the Cydia pomonella, is the ‘worm’ that burrows into apples and other tree fruit. The name was taken by Jay Freeman (@Saurik) for Cydia, the alternative App Store and package manager for jailbroken iOS devices. Now a ‘Cydia’ is available for sale in the official iTunes App Store, but this Cydia […]

Android App Scammer Fined $78,000


One issue that Google’s Android OS has been struggling to fight is the issue of security and malware. It seems as if malware has plagued Android users for months now and the issue has only been getting worse. We’ve heard many reports lately of malware being packaged as fake versions of very popular apps. In […]