Find And Remove WireLurker Malware From Your iOS Device

Last week, we told you about a new malware found in Mac and iOS devices called WireLurker. Mainly found in China, this malware uses USB connections to infect iOS devices via a Mac. The origin of the malware is said to be from third-party Mac App Stores that offer cracked softwares and games. If you […]

WireLurker: A Malware Infecting Macs And iOS Devices In China

A newly discovered malware known as ‘WireLurker’ has been affecting Macs and iOS devices in China. This malware has infected over 400 apps in the Maiyadi App Store, which is a Mac App Store that offers cracked apps and games. According to the Palo Alto Networks, who were the ones to discover this malware, this is the […]

A New Malware Called AdThief Has Reportedly Infected Over 75,000 Jailbroken Devices

In April this year, an iOS malware called Unflod was infecting jailbroken devices and stealing the Apple ID and password of the users. It is possible to have your jailbroken iOS device infected if you download pirated tweaks from pirated repos. Now, there’s a new malware called AdThief, which has infected about 75,000 jailbroken devices so […]

A Malware Called Unflod Found To Be Attacking Jailbroken Devices

Have you been experiencing app crashes and other glitches on your jailbroken iOS device recently? Maybe you have installed a new tweak, deleted something or maybe it’s a malware. Apparently, a new malware called Unflod.dylib has been infecting jailbroken iOS devices and this has been going on for months. The Unflod malware installs on your […]

Want To Know What A Cydia Package Is Modifying? Check Out The “Filesystem Content”

Installing apps from a third party source can be intimidating, especially if you’re used to Apple’s locked down and curated ecosystem. But if you want the flexibility that jailbreaking provides, you have to accept that your platform is no longer fool proof–as is the case with any platform that can run arbitrary code. Though you […]

Android VS. iOS Security [INFOGRAPHIC]

Security and privacy have always been of major importance on the Internet, personal computers and mobile devices. As the number of mobile devices increased, the security threat went up a fold too. However, recent development in software and mobile operating systems have made these devices less vulnerable to malware attacks than personal computers and laptops. […]

A bit on Android Malware

Smarthphone Malware is now very real, and it happens all the time. But is it really that big of deal? In my opinon, no. With a little smarts you can easily avoid the malware. Below are some of my tips. You can compare Android to Windows. Unlike iOS and OS X, where the software and […]