You Can Hack iCloud Accounts Using The New iDict Tool

idict tool hacks iCloud accounts

Last Friday, a new tool was submitted to GitHub that could be used to hack certain iCloud accounts with simple and weak passwords. Known as iDict, it fools Apple into thinking it’s an iPhone and uses a brute-force attack to determine a weak Apple ID password from a 500 word list. A bug in […]

Apple’s Q1 2013 Report: 2 Million Apple TV’s Sold, iCloud Users Grow To 250 Million


During Apple’s Q1 2013 Earnings Call that took place yesterday, Tim Cook revealed some details on Apple TV sales and iCloud users. Apple made $54.5 billion in revenue in Q1 2013, which is more than what it made last year and also beats Wall Street Journals predictions. The company made $13.1 billion in profit, which […]

Apple’s New System Status Page Is 10x As Helpful


In the past Apple’s system status page was definitely nothing special. It consisted of a simple list of recent outages that were rather vague and often times took hours to reflect current problems. Yesterday a large iCloud outage effecting various services like Photo Stream and iMessage was reported. Shortly after, Apple actually launched a brand […]

Can’t Send iMessages Or Make FaceTime Calls? iCloud Is officially Experiencing Problems


Apple’s upcoming data centres could not come soon enough! It seems like every other week a mass iCloud outage happens that disrupts the sending of iMessages and also the ability to place FaceTime calls. Most of the time when these outages occur however, Apple’s official iCloud status page never reflects that there is a problem. […]

iCloud Allows You To SSH To Your Mac Over The Internet Using Back To My Mac [How To]


Back To My Mac is a service that had been included in Apple’s computers as early back as Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. The service automates secure point-to-point connections between Mac computers, and became free when Apple switched the service from MobileMe to iCloud. You may not have realized it, but if you know your computer’s […]

WWDC 2011 Overview: iOS 5 – Notification Center, iMessage, Reminders, PC Free & More!


Apple held their annual WWDC 2011 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco today. They’ve announced and introduced many revolutionary things, like OS X Lion, iOS 5, iCloud, and other iTunes products. iOS 5 is packed with over 200 new features! The 10 noteworthy ones are: Notification Center: Apple has redesigned their notification system. For those […]