Mozilla Firefox Browser Is Coming To iOS


It is never too late. According to recent chatter by Mozilla people, the company is working on bringing its popular Firefox web browser to iOS. If you’re a fan of the Firefox browser on your Desktop, then you’ll probably be happy to hear this news. What took them so long, you ask? Well, until iOS […]

Chrome, Safari, Firefox, And More… What Browser Suits Your Needs?


We all know of the basic internet browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, but do you know what features are hiding under the hood of your browser? In this article we will talk about what features each browser has to offer and why we like them. First up we have Google Chrome. Chrome […]

Mozilla Has No Plans Whatsoever To Port FireFox To iOS

FireFox On iOS

For any fans of FireFox here at iJailbreak, you will be disappointed to hear that it will not become to iOS anytime soon, if at all. At the mobile browser wars panel at South by Southwest Interactive, Jay Sullivan, Vice President of product at Mozilla, said “Mozilla’s Firefox browser will have no place on Apple devices so […]

Mozilla Announces Two Developer FireFox OS Handsets Called Keon And Peak


We talked about FireFox OS quite a bit last year and although we think there is too many similarities to iOS, it still looks like it has some potential. Today the folks behind FireFox OS, Mozilla, have announced a partnership with a Spanish startup called Geeksphone that will be manufacturing two FireFox OS developer devices […]

Firefox 18 Released With A Big Increase In Web App And Game Speed, Try Out The BananaBread Tech Demo


Firefox 18 was released today and in case you couldn’t guess what it features, I will give you a hint… speed. Firefox 18 brings about significant speed improvements, especially with JavaScript performance. The Mozilla team have actually integrated a new JavaScript compiler by the name of IonMonkey that makes web apps and games perform up to […]

Firefox OS Simulator Now Available For Download


Mozilla’s Firefox OS Simulator just saw its version 1.0 release. Though Firefox phones haven’t yet seen the light of day, you can download a plugin directly from Mozilla and test out their phone interface yourself. The simulator should work with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers running the latest version of Firefox. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen […]

Firefox 17 Now Available To Download, Drops Support For OS X 10.5


It was only a matter of time before Mac OS X 10.5 started losing more and more compatibility with new software, and in the case of Firefox, it looks like that time is now. The latest version of the open source browser, Firefox 17, became available today, and the main change is the removal of […]

Media Hint Firefox / Chrome Plugin Allows For Access To Hulu, Pandora, American Netflix Content Outside The States


We really like services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora that provide alternatives to both costly cable and satellite radio subscriptions, that create barriers to access, and an alternative piracy, which prevents the content creators from getting a fair shake. The problem is these services are legally constrained to keep their services out of certain markets […]

Latest Developer Build Of Firefox For Android Includes Firefox Marketplace


It looks like Chrome won’t be the only Android browser with its own app store anymore, as Firefox appears poised to get a piece of that pie for itself. The ‘Aurora’ build of Firefox for Android, an experimental version of the browser intended for developers and brace early adopters to experiment with, has just been […]

Check Out What The Firefox Marketplace Will Look Like In Firefox OS


Firefox has been allowing developers to download nightly builds of Firefox OS, previously known as Boot to Gecko for some time now. Although you can’t actually install Firefox OS on a smartphone you can download the HTML5 and Javascript mobile platform and install it on your computer. One aspect that has not been possible to […]