BiteSMS Beta 7 Released To Support iPhone 5s And Fix Numerous Bugs


For nearly two weeks now the beta of BiteSMS 8.0 has been available to download, but up until this point it has not been compatible with 64-bit devices. If you have been disappointed by this fact you will be glad to know that it has finally been updated to beta 7 to support ARM64 and […]

Download BiteSMS 8.0 Beta Now For iOS 7


A couple days ago we reported that BiteSMS 8.0 beta would be released on December 28th, but it looks like that its developer has finished it a day early as it has just arrived and is available to download. For those of you who missed the original article, BiteSMS extends the stock messaging app to […]

BiteSMS v7.6 Beta Includes A New Quick Compose Widget


Yesterday we reported the BiteSMS v7.5 was released and that its developer was claiming it was the fastest and most stable release yet. Now BiteSMS v7.6 has started being developed and one key new feature in this version is a new Notification Centre widget. In a forum post for BiteSMS v7.6 beta 2 the new […]

BiteSMS v7.5 Released, Developer Claims It Is The Fastest And Most Stable Release Yet

BiteSMS continues to be one of the reasons why many people Jailbreak, and a lot of people are hoping Apple implements BiteSMS-like functionality in iOS 7. BiteSMS brings about the ability to reply to SMS/iMessages from anywhere within iOS without leaving the application you are currently in. BiteSMS also includes a ton of other features […]

Messages Cydia Tweak: A BiteSMS Competitor For In-App Message Replies Using The Stock Messaging Interface


Messages is a Cydia tweak I have been meaning to get around to all this week since it was released, but I just never had the time. Today however, I finally was able to download Messages and play around with the tweak. Essentially what the Messages tweak does is allows you to reply to text […]

BiteSMS 7.1 Released, Includes iOS 6 Support, CLI Supports iMessage, Licenses 50% Off


‘Tis the season for iOS 6 compatibility updates! BiteSMS was recently updated to version 7.0 with support for iOS 6 (with 7.1 quickly released afterwards to fix bugs introduced into the iOS 5 version). The new version introduces the ability to send iMessage texts through the command-line interface, though it only seems to work in iOS 6. […]

BiteSMS 7.0 Beta Cydia Tweak Now Available For iOS 6


Here’s the thing about operating system updates and the homebrew community: While software updates can mean a drastic improvement to your phone’s core features, updates are pure chaos for coders and customers who work beyond the fringes of the official ecosystem. BiteSMS just released version 7.0 of their alternative text messaging app, which adds support […]

BiteSMS 6.3 (Beta 10) Released, Includes Themes, Personalized Notifications And Much More


Apple’s built-in iMessage service is functional but underwhelming. For one thing, its actual SMS service is tied to your device’s carrier, including the potential for ridiculous service fees for sending lots of tiny messages, and the fact that iMessage can’t (currently) create standard SMS messages on the iPad or iPod Touch. BiteSMS enables these texting […]

BiteSMS 6.2 Update Brings Easy Photo Uploads To Quick Compose And Quick Reply And Many Other Features!


BiteSMS is one of the best and most used alternative to the native iOS SMS app. It has loads of amazing features and works better than the original SMS app on your iOS device. It’s also available on Android and offers similar features. I’m pretty sure a lot of users, who have jailbroken their iPhones, […]

BiteSMS 6.0 Released For iOS 5 Compatibility [Includes Dozens Of New Features]


Are your frustrated with the stock iOS 5 messages app? Well if you are you will be glad to know that on Friday the popular Cydia tweak BiteSMS was updated to version 6.0 for iOS 5 compatibility and also to introduce a ton of new features. Now, in case you have heard of BiteSMS before […]