iOS 5 Error 3200, Error 3004: Apple’s Update Servers Are Being Slammed!

Today Apple has released the iOS 5 firmware to include over 200 new features such as iMessage, a new notification system and even wireless syncing. iOS 5 is one of Apple’s largest firmware updates in terms of new functionality and thus we recommend that you update to the iOS 5 firmware on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Even if you are Jailbroken you can currently Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware tethered using RedSn0w 0.9.9b4 or Sn0wBreeze 2.8 b8.

As iOS 5 is a popular firmware update amongst the word Apple’s update servers are being slammed. Thus, a lot of individuals who are trying to update to the iOS 5 firmware are receiving errors from iTunes. These errors do not mean that something is wrong with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad it simply means Apple does not have enough space to accommodate updating your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad at this time.

What Does “An internal error occurred.” mean?

If you are currently receiving “An internal error occurred.” (3200 or 3004) while installing the iOS 5 firmware it simply you will need to try again later. Simple as that.

How Do I Fix “An internal error occurred.” (Error 3200/3004)?

As we specified before this is not an actual error as such. Receiving “An internal error occurred.” (3200 or 3004) from iTunes simply means you will need to wait a few hours or keep on trying until you get into the iOS 5 update lineup.

Let us know if you have managed to update to iOS 5 in the comments section below…

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  1. Nope.

  2. Matthew Forbes says:

    my itunes keep coming up saying unknown error occured (3194) whats going on???

  3. Jaden Ellett says:

    Again this is to do with Apple servers being slammed. Try switching USB ports, and if that fails restart computer… and if that fails wait a couple of hours.

  4. Jaden Ellett says:

    If you guys are having troubles (follow one at a time (work your way down the list)):

    1) – Switch USB ports (Back Of Your Computer if applicable)
    2) – Restart Computer
    3) – Try DFU mode restore
    4) – Use TinyUmbrella, go into advanced tab and uncheck Grab Cydia SHSH blobs (or something similar) and start TSS server and try to restore.

    My two cents worth :P

  5. i did

  6. Will it work on ipod 2nd gen

  7. wambulance says:

    getting error 3004 for past 20min.  itunes says my phone needs to be restored.

  8. Finally!!! After  1.5 hours getting server error and 3004 error it worked. 

  9. Me too. What should I do? I can’t use my phone at the moment.

  10. Sammy Gonzalez Jr. says:

    TinyUmbrella Wont Load Message Mhe On Facebook Sammy Gonzalez Jr.

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