Download The Official iOS 5 Firmware For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Apple has just released the iOS 5 firmware today which is jam packed with over 200 new and exciting features!

iOS 5 Firmware Features

These features range from iMessage, Apple’s new cross device messaging solution (similar to BlackBerry Messenger), to a brand new notification system which will significantly improve the way you use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Apple has also integrated twitter directly into iOS 5 which will allow you to easily share your thoughts with the world.

Probably one of the most sought out features in iOS 5 is the ability to Wirelessly sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Then of course there is built in iCloud support which will allow you to sync content across all of your Mac devices. As you can see, I could go on all day about the new and exciting features of iOS 5, but at the end of the day you need to try it for yourself.

iOS 5 Jailbreak Status

Currently we are waiting for word from the Dev-Team on whether or not iOS 5 can be Jailbroken. Once we have confirmation from the Dev-Team you will write another article explaining the steps necessary to Jailbreak the iOS 5 firmware. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you may be able to Jailbreak iOS 5 by pointing RedSn0w to iOS 5 GM (proceed at your own risk).

Download iOS 5 Firmware

If you would like to download the official iOS 5 firmware for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you will need to go to the iJailbreak Downloads Section. There you will find direct download links which will allow you to download iOS 5 for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 GSM, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPad 1G and iPad 2G.

Should I Update To iOS 5?

We recommend that if you do not rely on an unlock and are not worried about losing your Jailbreak for the next day or so that you upgrade to the iOS 5 firmware.

Note: If you are updating to iOS 5 please save your SHSH blobs prior to upgrading. This will ensure you can downgrade from iOS 5 to a previous firmware like 4.3.5, 4.3.4, 4.3.3 (untethered jailbreak).

Let us know what you think of iOS 5 in the comments section below…

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  • Antish

    first one to comment!! wooT!!!

  • Ipad_Mama

    is this the latest IOS 5 official relase ?

  • Djrizkycore

    that what i waiting for

  • stretch1974

    gutted got error 3014 n e one help

  • X-plo

    Well I hope someone can help me with this problem after update to iOS 5.

    When I play on my PS3 Sony any online game (Call of duty) and I put my iPhone 4 close to my router the connection goes down and I have to turn off my WiFi to play normally again.

    This didn’t happen to me before when I was on 4.3.3

    Someone with the same problem? 

  • Hit5

    Sad Sad Sad..!!
    i downloaded ipod touch 4G – ios 5 firmware from here..
    n now when I am tryng to restore it from itunes 10.5..
    bloody hell itz showng  error ‘3194’..!! >_<

  • Christopher Mejia

    My iPod touch is having trouble as well, I’m trying to update to iOS 5 and it says my device is not elegible for the firmware >_<

  • Kenb1998

    i wanna know too coz i didnt jailbrek my ipad and i want ios 5, what can i do??

  • Thecruzin6

    I got the same error 3194 when trying to restore…what worked for me was to go into my host file and delete…this line has to do with cydia and apple doesn’t like that I have it.  So once I deleted this line, it worked like a charm .  HTH…

  • Hit5

    now evrythng is fyn..!! :D
    successfully upgraded iOS 5 on my iPod..!! :D

  • Tcatcrb

    there are three options for the iPad 2. How do you know which one to use?

  • #teamminaj

    did you have an ipod touch 4th gen? and when you dowloaded that do you have iMessgae ect.

  • Kingduke662

    how do you download iOS5 to yor ipad

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  • Thecharchit

    i was update my 3gs but sim card does not support what can i do????

  • Fian094168

    i’am can’t update my ipod touch always it say not compotible>.< 
    help me !!i'am restore from itunes 10.5

  • Noone

    “not worried about loosing your Jailbreak”

    The word is spelt “losing”.

  • Dusty

    Fixed, thanks!

  • Turd


  • Abhishek Gupta

    does it work on 3G TOOO?

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  • Endicott Peabody

    And the word is spelled “spelled.”

  • Santana2392

    thats what i was trying to figure out i guess not :/

  • noobstah