Major Battery Life Issues Reported With iOS 6.1, Here Are Some Solutions

It seems like almost every firmware iteration I write an article regarding battery life issues. Yesterday, TheNextWeb wrote a large piece on the amount of Apple support threads claiming issues with battery life on iOS 6.1. I have heard mixed stories from comments and Twitter about whether battery life has been effected on iOS 6.1. Personally, I haven’t noticed any significant battery drain on my device since updating to iOS 6.1, in some ways I would actually say my battery life is better.

Regardless this doesn’t divert from the fact that there is a large amount of individuals experiencing battery life troubles on iOS 6.1. TNW reports that users have been claiming battery life issues since first upgrading, and points to numerous threads on Apple’s support forums that have amounted hundreds of replies.

A quick search on the Apple Support Communities forum for iOS 6.1 battery shows this is not an isolated problem.

The earliest report we could find was created on January 28 and actually comes from a user reporting great battery life on his iPhone 5. Yet the first reply is from another iPhone 5 user who is “seeing the exact opposite” and the thread goes down from there. It goes on for 11 pages, and at the time of writing has 157 replies.

There’s another 16-page thread started on January 29 (239 replies at the time of writing) and a third started on February 4 with just three replies. All these threads have the majority of their replies coming in today, on February 8.

How To Fix iOS 6.1 Battery Life Issues

Unfortunately it is hard to point to a specific problem associated with battery life issues because everyone has different settings on their devices. Regardless there is a couple things to do if you are experiencing battery life issues on iOS 6.1 that we have outlined below…

  • Microsoft Exchange: If you have Microsoft Exchange enabled on your device, it is worth noting there has been some reports that iOS 6.1 does not play nice with Microsoft’s service and a manual patch is require as outlined here.
  • Turn Off LTE:Why would you want to turn off LTE? Well, if you live in an area where you only get 1 or 2 bars of LTE connectivity and your connection constantly switches between LTE and 3G then this means your device is using a lot of battery power trying to maintain its LTE connection. This was the situation with myself and when I turned LTE off my battery life increased dramatically and my data connection is actually more stable. 
  • Remove Applications From The Multitasking Tray: There has been mixed reports whether removing applications from the multitasking tray actually has any effect on your battery life, but I know a lot of people swear by this and who knows, it might work for you.
  • Reset Your Network Settings: Resetting your network settings can be done by launching the Settings app, going into the General tab, followed by Reset and then tapping the Reset Network Settings button. Doing this will indeed reset all your network settings including  including passwords, VPN, and APN, but has said to have a positive effect on battery life for those experiencing troubles.
  • Turn Off Unused Features: Not using Bluetooth? Turn it off! Not using Wi-Fi? Turn it off. You get the drift… look through your Settings app and try to pin-point any functionality you don’t use on a regular basis (like Location Services for Diagnostics & Usage, Location Based iAds, Setting Time Zone, Push notifications etc.) and turn it off.
  • Restore Your Device: Although restoring your device is never ideal it has actually been the number one thing that a lot of people have had success with in fixing their battery life issues.

Have you experienced battery life issues on iOS 6.1? Let us know if you have discovered anything that fixed them in the comments section.

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  1. Benlego65 says:

    I’ve found that restoring does fix the problem, to a lesser extent. I’m a power-user and even I get these battery issues so it’s likely not settings based.

  2. iJailbreakuser says:

    Battery is not a big issue when u compare wifi issues
    Just bought iphone 4s for me nd iPhone 5 fr my gitlfrnd nd both are running ios 6.1
    Both phones having issues wifi dropping, slow wifi, calls dropping, data dropping, imessage not activating.
    The most stable nd best ios till nw is 5.1.1
    Apple must do something to make their services stable …. Feeling disappointing :(

  3. Ethyn Resausk says:

    I’m jailbroken on 6.1 – iPhone 4S no issues here regarding to battery. Other then rarely getting into safe mode when skipping to the next song. The one thing I hate about jailbreaks…their unstable…My tweaks woulden’t be the issue as I’ve had a friend say the same on his iPod touch 4 6.1

  4. Vichet Rainism says:

    battery issue is cause from touching…i have iphone 4 running ios 6.1 and jailbroken. just when i leave the screen without touching anything, it take too long to decrease 1%. But when i keep touching i note that battery is fast decrease of 1%

  5. I fail to see this post’s relation to battery life. It seems like you’re on a tiny rant about jailbreaking.
    Also, they’re*

  6. maverickmax says:

    exactly the same behaviour with my ipad 2..

  7. Ethyn Resausk says:

    Hey retard their meaning all and past forms of jailbreaking they’re is a contraction for they are go back to English 4. I like jailbreaking I’ve never disliked it. I’ll say it again “THEIR” just unstable. Apples rant on the support forums they were right for the most part it can cause issues with the firmware, however I’m always going to do it, because having freedom is better then none.

  8. I seem to have misunderstood your post then, but keep in mind it isn’t that clear.
    Now, onto grammar. Attached I have an image that I hope will solve your little dilemma.

  9. Vichet Rainism says:

    so…did u find out the solution?

  10. Thom Nguyen says:

    Well touching does delivers an electrical input into the device and if you actually watch system process – the CPU will jump a bit after a single touch to process the touch itself.

  11. maverickmax says:

    yea.. i jailbroke again..things seem ok now..i think its an issue with the SB settings…but definitely one of the options in it is causing battery drain…

  12. Vichet Rainism says:

    so we need to remove sbsettings or just set that option off? and what is that option?

  13. After update 6.1 it increase my battery life

  14. They’re just unstable. *

  15. nicknowsky says:

    no issues either on the A5x devices running 6.1, Actually my iPad3 seems to be the best of all, better battery life. I had left my iPad3 running 5.1.1 until last week, the battery sucked on 5.1.1. I said to myself leave this as is in case of no 6.x jailbreak, I had grabbed a new ipad 4 on the side which came with 6.0 and the battery was ok on the ipad4, but since the update my ipads seem to be better on battery……….Remember back up your BLOBS now so you dont have any issues when 6,1,1 drops

  16. I have iphone 4 on 6.1 which dies within an hour or 2 of taking it off charge and it was lasting upto 2 days before this update now I can’t get enough charge into it, am thinking of buying a taser

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