The Apple TV Vs. Boxee Vs. Google TV Vs. Roku Based On Troubleshooting Requests

Are you currently debating which streaming-media box you would like to purchase? There are many choices when it comes to such a device including the Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV and Roku. If you are currently debating between a couple of the devices listed then you may find this breakdown of troubleshooting requests based off each device, reported by BusinessInsider, to be useful.

Apple TV vs. Boxee vs. Google TV vs. Roku

These troubleshooting request stats are from FixYa, which is a tech troubleshooting website with over 20 million registered users. Essentially what FixYa did was look at all the questions they received about various streaming-media boxes and broke them down in an easy to follow format as shown below…

Google TV: 7,886 troubleshooting requests.

  1. Blocked content (i.e. Hulu, Viacom, NBC, ABC) – 55%
  2. Difficulty connecting with home theatre system – 20%
  3. Cannot record content – 15%
  4. User interface is confusing – 5%
  5. Other – 5%

Apple TV: 6,762 troubleshooting requests.

  1. Trouble connecting to iTunes – 40%
  2. No sound from iTunes movies – 20%
  3. Will not play music unless TV screen is on – 15%
  4. Trouble using the iPhone as a remote – 10%
  5. Other – 15%

Boxee: 5,482 troubleshooting requests.

  1. Firmware update freezes – 30%
  2. Audio drops – 25%
  3. No Flash update – 20%
  4. Browser crash – 15%
  5. Other – 10%

Roku (most recent model): 3,456 troubleshooting requests.

  1. Will not connect to Internet – 35%
  2. Sound does not work – 15%
  3. Game remote does not work – 15%
  4. Cannot record content – 10%
  5. Other – 25%

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  1. the request were against how many sold?
    i could open abc brand, only sold to one person, and with 0 troubleshooting issues

  2. Great topic , but no real reference … i agree with the quest above :(

    Anyhow i think Apple tv with Xbmc on it , is the best :)


  3. Boxee Box is great, I’m buying a second one for my bedroom. I made the mistake of buying a Roku box over christmas. between the required credit card, BS “exclusive” content, and the fact that it shows a banner ad constantly on the home screen that you cant turn off, I wish I’d never heard of the brand – Let alone purchased one. Dont make the same mistake unless you need a streaming device and ABSOLUTELY cannot afford more than $49. You get what you pay for.

  4. Anton Fors says:

    These statistics is not telling you ANY information… Except maybe that Google TV and Apple TV is most popular… They should’ve how many percent of the buyers who is troubleshooting! Make a post of that!

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