Want An iOS 6.1.3 Untethered Jailbreak? Take i0n1c’s iOS Kernel Exploitation Training

I0n1c was a big shot in 2011 when he produced a long awaited untethered jailbreak for 4.3.x and gave it for free to the iPhone Dev-Team, who manage PwnageTool and RedSn0w. To this day he still remains famous among the jailbreak community despite the fact he has not contributed much to the scene whatsoever besides consistently teasing and making fun of it.

Today i0n1c has teased the fact that he has vulnerabilities that could be used for an iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak in an effort to promote his upcoming iOS kernel exploitation training.

According to i0n1c after “having received numerous requests to organize an iOS Security and Exploitation Workshop in Europe, we have created this brand new iOS security course that is entirely focused on the iOS kernel and its exploitation.”


The training will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) in September and is a full 5-day course costing $4000 EUR (increasing depending on when you purchase).

Just what is going to be covered?

We will cover the latest iOS 6 (and maybe iOS 7) kernel security features, discuss their weaknesses and you will learn how to circumvent them. At the end of the training you should be able to exploit new vulnerabilities in iOS 6 or 7 that you discover in kernel land on your own.

A big focus on this training will be exploiting iOS 6.1.3, in fact one of the topics discussed is a real kernel vulnerability present in iOS 6.1.3. So, who knows maybe someone will take i0n1c’s teachings and create an iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak… but who knows.

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  1. Damian W says:

    4000 euro, must be a joke. I would not take a lesson from this guy for free ;P

  2. lloyd yabanci says:

    so now we have to get hardware to jailbreak our iphones I feel that the jailbreak team is getting weaker from evry ios comeing out im sorry but I wont pay for anything we want it to be free like before guys your hackers your sopposed to make good things to ppl who cant buy stuff like rich ppl do not take advantage from us to like the rich ppl do

  3. Lloyd is a retard says:

    Clearly you have no idea what a hacker is, nor do you have an idea of what English spelling grammar is. Stop making stupid posts: from here, and everywhere.

  4. Tyree Harvey says:

    He lost his motherfuckin mind if he thinks someone is gonna pay that much money

  5. John depaul says:

    I agree with loydd 100 i wish i had the 4000 euros i would take the class an put the untetherd out there for free like it should b ppl r getting roo greedy ppl cant afford to live n tnere homes plus dueshbage works for apple he has a good fuckn job if i was him id tech thqt class to anyone who wanted to listen an get involved for absolutly nothing id b thrilled that it was getting passed on an hacking would stay old school not like these money hungry assholes FUCK IONIC AN HIS 1freakn exploit he found n ios 5

  6. Open Understanding says:

    Dudes, its a training course. Education or teaching isn’t always free nor is knowledge. Its not a fcking jailbreak that he’s charging, its a course, a training to find jailbreaks… Some people have reasons to charge this much for education, it depend whether it would’ve been worth it.

  7. Joshua Jones Makaveli says:

    To lazy for that shit when iOS7 comes out jailbreak that shit and give it to me.

  8. Jeroen Woltjes says:

    You understand that ios hacking in a full time job now, don’t you?wouldn’t you be rewarded for doing so much work? In the beginning ios was not as secure as it is now, and to overcome all the security measures apple now takes, it is getting harder and harder. And you are probably right, the teams are getting weaker, because for every hacker there are probably more than 10 coders at Apple. I think it’s great that the big hackers would be willing to teach the new generation, although I’ve read more money related post about iconic

  9. 4K€!?!?!?!? XD XD XD better buy 5 iPhones XD XD XD

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