How To: Cut Your Mini/Micro SIM To Turn It Into A Nano SIM For The Apple iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 is an incredible handset to say the least. Every component of the iPhone 5 has been reengineered by the fruit company to allow it to be more powerful while still being the slimmest iPhone ever created. If you own an iPhone 5 you have probably already noticed this, with the two most obvious examples being the Lightning connector and the Nano SIM card tray.

Speaking of the Nano SIM tray, for those of you who bought an iPhone 5 you are probably wondering if it is possible to cut the SIM card you have in hand right now to turn it into a Nano SIM card. The answer to this question is yes, and for those of you who would prefer to take your existing Mini/Micro SIM card and turn it into a Nano SIM card, rather than visit your cellular provider to get a replacement, you will be glad to know this is indeed what we will be covering in this tutorial.

Transform Mini/Micro SIM Into A Nano SIM

Perquisites: Before you even begin to transform your SIM into a Nano SIM for your iPhone 5 you will need to ensure you have the following items in hand.

  • Printer with A4 page
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Felt Pen
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper/file

Step 1) – The first thing you will need to do is print the following PDF. You will need to ensure that it prints at 100% scale, and that you are printing to an A4-sized page (the image below is just an example of what the PDF looks like).

Transform Mini/Micro SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone 5

Step 2) – With your template printed you will need to place your Mini or Micro SIM card on the designated area. For those of you with a Mini SIM place it on the second space, and for those with a Micro SIM place it on the third (last) space. Once you have done this you will need to tape your SIM card to the corresponding template space.

Step 3) – Now grab your ruler and felt pen and mark the lines you will need to cut on your SIM card.

Transform Mini/Micro SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone 5

Step 4) – You are now at the point of no return. You will need to begin cutting around the drawn lines. Be extremely careful and take your time!

Transform Mini/Micro SIM into Nano SIM for iPhone 5

Step 5) – Finally you will need to take the sandpaper/file and make the edges of your SIM card round, while ensuring you do not damage the contact points of the SIM card by sanding more than needed.

The actual process of transforming your Mini or Micro SIM card into a Nano SIM card for your iPhone 5 is pretty simple, but obviously some people may find the precise cutting too tedious. As a general rule, if you do not feel comfortable we would suggest simply visiting your cellular provider, and please keep in mind iJailbreak is not to be held responsible if you do indeed damage your SIM card by following this tutorial.

Do you have questions? Was something not clear? Turn your attention to the comments section below.

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  1. There’s blood on hands from doin it ?? Got damn

  2. GadgetRevue says:

    what is A4? can you redo the document with regular letter 8.5×11″ paper please?

  3. It worked, but I still had to call ATT and change to an LTE data plan.

  4. What is the problem with A4? You have make a normal print and thats it!

  5. A4 is 8.5×11.

  6. I have just done this for my sons iphone5 using his virgin mini sim and it works fine. I practised this with an old sim card to test the scissors and lucky I did as I ended up cutting it only 1/2 mm too narrow. The size is absolutely critical. The small sim tray it fits into measured 12.35mm x 8.85mm. Therefore the size 12.30mm x 8.80mm given is spot on. The shoulder on each edge that the sim sits on is very small so if you cut it too narrow, it could fall through. A set of digital verniers to measure the width,length and thickness would be very handy. Otherwise, cut it just slightly bigger than the template you print out and sand the edges bit by bit until it fits. Using verniers (which you can get very cheap) I managed to cut and sand my sim to the exact size. I noticed it still didn’t fit in the tray perfectly. Then I could see the three corners (not the tapered one) needed a very slight radius. Tip the sim card on its edge and slide and roll the corners on the wet and dry sandpaper to put a slight radius on. The sim then dropped in perfectly. Then using about a 3″ to 4″ piece of sticky tape and stick the end to the gold face of the sim, sand the back face of the card down a bit. The sticky tape just helps you to hold it easier otherwise it just keeps slipping out from your finger. You don’t need to take a real lot off. Only 0.1mm or 4 thou of an inch which as stated, is close to the thickness of paper. If you don’t have verniers or a micrometer, just give it a few swipes on the wet and dry and keep trialling the fit making sure not to force it. I basically took only a little more than the red coating off and it fitted in the phone no problem. I was a bit spooked when I saw I needed to cut 2mm or so into the gold contact for the new nano sim size but I assure you it is working perfectly.

  7. No, A4 is 8.27″ by 11.69″.

  8. Gues012543768 says:


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