iOS 6.1.2 Is Likely Jailbreak Safe, An Evasi0n Update Should Follow Shortly

Planetbeing has tweeted moments ago that the iOS 6.1.2 firmware is looking good. Meaning it will likely be Jailbreakable in a future update of Evasi0n. According to his tweet, he has managed to test the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Wi-Fi, both of which are still susceptible to the Evasi0n iOS 6.x Untethered exploit.

Apple released the iOS 6.1.2 firmware earlier today that includes bug fixes for the Exchange calendar bug that we previously brought to your attention. It is great that iOS 6.1.2 is likely Jailbreak safe as it means we will be able to Jailbreak on an extremely stable firmware version, which will have very little flaws, if any. The Exchange calendar bug is actually a big deal, and forced AOL to ban devices running iOS 6.1 on their corporate network.


We will update this article once more testing has been done to confirm that iOS 6.1.2 is 100% Jailbreak safe, but it is extremely unlikely Apple would patch the exploit on some iOS devices and not others. In the mean time, still hold off on updating to iOS 6.1.2 as it is not known how long the Evasi0n update will take.

Update #1: Evasi0n 1.4 has been released with support for jailbreaking iOS 6.1.2 untethered on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can download Evasi0n 1.4 by clicking here.

Update #2: Learn how to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 untethered on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Evasi0n 1.4 by clicking here.

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  • Jack Desmond

    So the current JB software (1.3 I believe) can JB the iPhone 5? If so, iPhone 5 owners should be good to go now, no?

  • Paul Lawson

    @ JACK DESMOND if u are still running 6.1.1 version 1.3 of Evasi0n will work with ANY IOS device for a Unteathered jailbreak. if you updated already to 6.1.2 you can NOT jailbreak it till Evasi0n 1.4 comes out. he just said that there exploite that was used for the previous versions of Evasi0n will likely work on 6.1.2(Evasi0n 1.4) So the update shouldn’t be long. because he used the same exploite on there Iphone 5 and they always test it before they release it to the public because they want to make sure there is no Major Bugs

  • D247

    iPhone 5 has been JB’able since first evasi0n release. All apple devices are JB’able except Apple TV 3rd Gen.

  • Jack Desmond

    Hey, thanks Paul! Well, I’m running iOS 6.1, not 6.1.1, which is for the iPhone 4S only but I’m going to guess that was merely a typo on your part. Anyway, I’m running iOS 6.1 on an iPhone 5 with evasi0n 1.3. Again, just because I’m genuinely interested, are you saying that I can probably upgrade to 6.1.2 while jailbroken with evasi0n 1.3 and running iOS 6.1? (yes, I can wait, I’m just curious as to how it all works! ;-) ) Thanks again!

  • Michał Nowak

    Damn, I will need to install everything again -.- and configure.
    I hope iTunes won’t make me angry for the 3rd time with 3194 error(signing by apple).
    Someone knows solution?

  • NoelSarah

    I’m nervous about this too. I see that PKGBackup, which was always my solution to restoring my jailbreak settings, doesn’t seem to be working well for people on iOS6…

  • Ethyn Resausk

    Bl00dra1n’s App to Deb works fine you can find it in his repo

  • Michał Nowak

    Last time I added Bl00dra1n’s repo smth was wrong at it was giving errors to all cydia packages.

  • Tre

    I used pkg backup on IOS 6.1 & it was fine. Not sure how it will do on 6.1.2 haven’t done the jailbreak yet. Good luck having app store issues right now. Keeps giving me 2 updates available but not showing what they are. Also just gave me error unable to connect to itunes tore. Still trying to get phone back to working correctly before doing the jailbreak. Bummer

  • Michał Nowak

    Was App to Deb working properly for u?
    I need to manually make deb of all displayed thing and after restore+jb it will be same like before or I need to manually input that debs?