Will There Ever Be A 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak? NitoTV Hacker Doesn’t Think So…

Yesterday we told you that Chronic-Dev wrote a large blog post talking about various things relating to Apple and the Apple TV. This included a more in-depth explanation on why the new 1080p Apple TV would be the hardest iOS device to Jailbreak. If you read this post you would have realized that because there is no stock web browser on the Apple TV, less services running and a new chip present the attack area is much smaller than ever before. So much so that the author of yesterdays blog post on Chronic-Dev thinks there will never be an Apple TV 3G Jailbreak; or at least at this time it is looking like it.

1080p Apple TV Jailbreak StatusObviously this is not to say give up on the 1080p Apple TV ever being Jailbroken, but it is to reinstate the fact that there are no leads at this time whatsoever (as mentioned in a follow-up tweet).

Apple TV 3G Jailbreak StatusHopefully the next time we write about the new 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak status it will be good news! Until that time please stay tuned and leave any questions or thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. chuskhor says:

    ufff yesterday i buy apple tv 3, ufff

  2. dave01568 says:

    Shit! I brought one finnaly after waiting all these years. Damn it

  3. Paul Rezendes says:

    If thats the case Im going to just keep my ATV2 where its at. Once the time comes I can no longer stream the content I am currently used to I’ll get a small form factor PC and put an XBMC build on it. The Raspberry Pi is also looking like it will be a great solution here soon. 

  4. I returned mine last week, pointless product without a jailbreak, raspberry pi will do the same for $35

  5. Supa Vid says:

    i’ve got one today in russia from canada. 
    just wireless tv connector for my iphone without jailbreak.
    who knows that he will buy super cool new gadget.
    My LG TV even can’t show me 1080, so ATV 2G 720p should be my best :)
    who want to change 2G to 3G let me know ;)

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