A Better Explanation On Why The New 1080p Apple TV Will Be So Hard To Jailbreak

When we first told you that the 1080p Apple TV would be harder to Jailbreak than the new iPad (iPad 3) we did not have much to go on besides the attack surface was much smaller. This is quite an obvious fact because the Apple TV 3G does not feature a stock web browser, and there are less services running than before. All of which results in very few places to actually exploit for a Jailbreak.

1080p Apple TV Jailbreak

For those looking for a more technical explanation on why the 1080p Apple TV is so hard to Jailbreak you will be glad to know Chronic-Dev has taken the time to write an in-depth clarification blog post. You can take a look at this somewhat-technical explanation in the quoted area below.

I’m sure mostly everyone reading this article has probably heard MuscleNerds thought’s on jailbreaking the AppleTV 3, I echo his sentiments. I believe he said the “attack surface” is much smaller, I couldn’t have put it better. There is no built in default web browser, there are less services running, with no web browser and less services running there are fewer places to smoke/fuzz out a vulnerability. For instance, even if the AppleTV 3 was out before the iPad 2 and 4S were jailbroken with absinthe, it would not have been applicable, no mobilebackup to exploit for part of the injection vector. I’m not saying the AppleTV 3 is hopeless, however, without an A5 bootrom exploit being found, each AppleTV 3 jailbreak (after the first one happens) will be an uphill battle. Nothing earth shattering here, wish I had better news on this front.

It looks like the Apple TV 3G will be sitting in its jail cell for the time being, but we will keep you updated when more information is available on the 1080p Apple TV Jailbreak. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. sad news :( however I believe someone will succeed to jailbreak Atv3 .(they always do)
    Hopefully :)

  2. BatesOut says:

    Who cares, seriously, it’s nothing more than a box that streams movies etc, it doesn’t even have a USB to allow you to play your own files.  The fact it is only something you watch paid for movies and tv shows on, I don’t see it as a device that even needs jailbreaking, the earlier jailbreakable ATV’s didn’t provide anything in the way of features that was “amazing” … They should focus on the phones and tablets, devices far more useful after jailbreaking than this.

  3. Hope ure right. Atv without xbmc for my local media sucks.

  4.  obviously have no idea what you are talking about! the best thing about jailbreaking apple tv is being able to play any media format, from your own library, that doesnt tie you into apples itunes. XBMC is awesome for this and lets you stream all your own content from a NAS. at 99$ its a no brainer.

  5. yeah ! indeed

  6. I agree, I don’t like the comment, I also don’t think that apple’s marketing strategy is based on wonderfull things to with an iDevice after a jailbreak …..

    Atv , is small , fast and offers some create features , I use almost every day for a variaty of different things , usually media related.

    iVancolen – ivancolen.Be

  7. Dirk Diggler says:

    I’ll give it another few weeks and then give up and sell my ATV3 and stick with my ATV2. My Jailbroken ATV2 is awsome and I love it, but without the jailbreak the ATV3 is just a paperweight. I assumed someone would have got into it by now…I’ll know to wait next time

  8.  Agree. An ATV without XBMC is like a broken pencil…pointless

  9. Simon Siekierski says:

    you don’t need a usb in the back just put your movies on a hard in your computer and stream them from iTunes i down load  (torrents) movies and convert them with handbrake put them on a external HD and stream to big tv.

  10. Indeed it is. That’s why the first or 2nd generation ATVs are still way more popular. Apple will quickly lose sales of their ATV 3 if it is determined it can’t be unlocked. Way too many good and unrestricted media streamers and players out there. A locked platform can only sustain it’s self for so long and eventually it’s customers start looking elsewhere.

  11. Charbroiled20s says:

    I really hope your right! I use PLEX on jailbroken Apple TV’s all over my home to access nearly 10TB of movies TV shows and Music. I was really looking forward to a full 1080 stream of my stored blurays… Until there’s a jailbreak these ATV3’s are useless to me.
    thankfully I didn’t sell the ATV2’s but I dont have enough of them.

  12. why the dont any team built in a web browser like iCabMobile for iphone???

  13. Noyayoel says:

     why the dont any team built in a web browser like iCabMobile for iphone to be able to Jailbreak ATV3 ??

  14. the really sad thing is everywhere you look for ATV2 now the bastards are charging more than double the original price…

  15. why dont you just download xbmc on your mac and airplay it on the atv3

  16. Depends on what you are looking to do with a jailbroken ATV. If you are looking to install XBMC to stream/play video/audio you can do using a Media application like PLEX or PlayON on your iPod/phone/pad and use Airplay to watch on your HDTV via ATV. Most channel application have built in Airplay support now.
    I would love to know what are some of the other benefits of jailbreaking ATV?

  17. I love my jb atv2 and was hoping for a 1080p versi (lon. I load all of my music and video on a NAS and can stream to any tv whenever I like; I don’t have to run an additional device to get it there (like a pc to airplay). I agree with Dirk, without a jailbreak, it is just a paperweight. I will keep my atv3 as a paperweight hoping for a jailbreak to change its duty status.

  18. you dont really need to jb the ATV3, with an ios device and airplay, you can stream anything from it to the tv.

  19. deben tomarlo como un reto porke personas muy elebadas de conocimientos estan detras de romper la seguridad del apple tv 3

  20. I do this
    But it would be perfect to stream form a Nas instead of my computer

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