How To Fix Configuring System (2/2) Evasi0n7 Error During Jailbreak

Even though Evasi0n7 was updated to version 1.0.2 recently there is still some bugs plaguing users. One bug in particular is the Configuring System (2/2) Evasi0n error. An error that essentially causes Evasi0n to be stuck on step 2/2 and if left the system simply sits there with nothing happening… obviously not conducive to a good Jailbreak.

Pod2G recently tweeted about a possible fix to the problem when asked about it and apparently the only thing you can do if you are experiencing the issue is to run Evasi0n7 on a faster PC or Mac.

According to Pod2G this step uses ‘a race condition’ which requires speed, and if you computers doesn’t have enough speed or has a ton of applications running in the background hogging up memory it can cause issues.

So realistically two things are either happening:

  • You have too old of a machine
  • You have too many applications running in the background (possibly a Virtual Machine)

If the first scenario applies to you then you will have to try running Evasi0n on a different computer (ask friends/family). Otherwise reboot your computer and see what is running in the background. Kill anything that is hogging memory and then try the Jailbreak again.

Have you experienced this issue? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Hedrush

    I’ve discovered a fix after many days of trying. I read on another news blog about closing all unnecessary system resources but it still didn’t work, but it gave me an idea. When stuck on the configuring system 2/2 open task manager and set the priority of evasion to high. The process will then complete within a couple of minutes. Simple as that.

  • jmwfvl

    Still stuck at 2/2. Using MacBook Pro, OSX 10.9, I7 processor with 8GB RAM. Activity Monitor shows always having at least 4.6GB RAM free while Evasi0n7 running, always at least 80% CPU free. Can’t afford to buy another computer, don’t know anyone who has a faster computer. Any suggestions on how to get Evasi0n7 to work will be appreciated.

  • jmwfvl

    Okay, it took 45 minutes to get past 2/2, then Evasi0n7 on desktop finished jailbreak. After another 9 minutes Evasion7 on iPhone finished jailbreak. I just wasn’t patient enough, after all, Evasi0n claims it takes 5 minutes to do this jailbreak. Anyway, found joy at last.

  • Eric

    I’ve found that this error also occurs when restrictions are enabled on the iPhone. disabling restrictions fixed this problem for me.

  • Edward

    You just have to try and try, i have done it with an hp intel atom laptop, 4yrs old. I just rebooted my iphone and laptop and it get past the configuring system 2/2 within seconds. Hope it helps.

  • Paulcox22

    Thanks headrush, that worked perfectly. To open task manager hold ‘ctrl, alt, delete’ then find evasion in processes and right click to set to high priority

  • Ur_Fukn_Majesty

    I get a error when I try to set it to high priority

  • JA

    Work perfectly Thank you

  • Hedrush

    Your welcome :)

  • Hedrush

    Your welcome :) :)

  • austin

    I ran into the same error. it told me that access was denied, but i found a way past it(windows 7, 32 bit) . if you go to task manager and click on “show process’s from all users” it should let you.

  • shusain93

    I found that I had to unplug my iPad, and quickly plug it back in to get it to get past that step. iPad is jailbroken and running fine right now. Surface Pro 1, Windows 8.1.

  • David van Niekerk

    Headrush you are a genius and descendant of the royal family. MY MAN

  • Hedrush

    Haha glad I helped mate :)

  • mahmood

    it helped me for the ipad 2 wifi but not working on iphone 54

  • mahmood

    i mean 5s