JailbreakMe.com In Hands Of New Mysterious Owners, DO NOT use!

JailbreakMe.com is now in the hands of new owners. Usually this won’t mean anything at all. But now when you go on JailbreakMe.com you will see a picture of Steve Jobs (the same one that is on Apple.com). And below in bold text; Thank You, Steve Jobs.

MuscleNerd has tweeted JailbreakMe.com is now in unknown, untrusted and unsafe hands; in perfect place for iDevice malware. He warns people not to use JailbreakMe.com.

So for all people who want to jailbreak, use other methods and don’t go on JailbreakMe.com. Well keep you updated…

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  • Rafaël


  • Balls

    How does this even happen?

  • ron2k_1

    So where do iPad2 owners on 4.3.3 go to jailbreak now???


  • Anonymous

    heard somewhere that Jay Freeman (Saurik) himself now owns it…. I’d say that its safe :D