Activator Updated To v1.40 – iOS4.0 Compatible and Various Performance Tweaks

Ryan Petrich, developer of Activator, has updated it to version 1.40. For those who don’t know: Activator is one of the most popular Cydia apps for jailbroken iDevices. It allows you to assign gestures to launch specific apps installed from Cydia.

Example of commands:

Home Button – Double Press, Short Hold, Single Press

Motion – Shake Device – Shake and Bake! (Ricky Bobby :P )

Sleep Button – Double Press, Short Hold

Slide In Gesture – Screen Bottom – Left or Right

SpringBoard – Icon Pinch, Icon Spread

Status Bar – Double Tap, Hold, Swipe Down, Swipe Left, Swipe Right

Volume Buttons – Display Tap, Down, Up or Up, Down


Activator v1.40 changelog:

  • Support for Headset buttons
  • Support for iOS4.0
  • Support for Apple’s switcher
  • Support for SBSettings toggles
  • Optimized settings pane
  • Updated localizations
  • Fix double-height status bar incompatibility
  • Hide iPod button when locked (security hole)
  • Avoid the sandbox entirely
  • Settings pane API for BigBoss
  • Speedup process launch slightly
  • Improved respiring time
  • Reduced memory use

Activator is available in Cydia via BigBoss repository or adding Ryan’s repository:

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  • PatriceJ

    In this new version one option does not work anymore, double click ==> standby

  • happy iphone4 user

    there appears to be a bug with the status bar – swipe right. It doesn't seem to work with the apple's Task Switcher. Tried it in application, home screen and anywhere. All don't work.