How To: Place Applications Inside The Newsstand App And More Without Jailbreaking


We have been seeing a lot of SpringBoard hacks lately appearing that allow you to do things Apple never intended you to be able to do without Jailbreaking. This includes being able to make the Newsstand application completely disappear and also change your carrier logo to an image of your choice. Now a new SpringBoard […]

Download To Newsstand Cydia Tweak Turns The Newsstand Into A Downloads Folder For Apps


If you use RSS readers, podcasts, or subscribe to actual dead-tree magazines, you probably don’t rely on iOS’ built-in magazine newsstand. By default this Newsstand can’t be buried within folders, and many people who jailbreak disappear the newsstand entirely. But can’t it be put to better use? The Tweak: Download to Newsstand turns your unused Newsstand folder […]

How To: Hide The Newsstand App In A Folder On A Non-Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch Or iPad With StifleStand


Filippo Bigarella released a tool called StifleStand earlier today that will allow non-Jailbroken iOS devices to hide the Newsstand app in a folder. Before Bigarella created StifleStand it was not possible for those who owned a non-Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to put the Newsstand app in a folder to conceal it. Now that it is possible however, in […]

Want To Hide The Newsstand App In A Folder On A Non-Jailbroken iOS Device? Well, Now You Can With StifleStand

Newsstand icon

The Newstand app has its userbase divided evenly – there are those that use it, and there are those that do not use it (pretty simple concept, huh?). The problem is, those that don’t use the Newstand app have no way to move it into a folder to hide it. Apple has forced users to keep […]

Bookstand Cydia Tweak Stacks Your iBooks And Newsstand Magazines Together


Newsstand is one of the many new features in iOS 5, an app that stores all your magazines, periodicals and news-papers. Then there’s the good old iBooks, which stores your e-books. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just store all of those in one single app, so you could have access to them just […]