Download Siri GUI Files To Port Siri GUI To iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1G Running iOS 5 [Video]

Hacker F@rZaD has released the files to port Siri to your iPhone 4, 3GS, 4th generation iPod Touch and iPad 1G running the iOS 5 firmware. Additionally he has provide instructions in the form of a Google Document and YouTube video on how to port Siri to your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is important to keep in mind that at this time the files F@rZaD released will only enable the Siri GUI. This means that you will not be able to actually communicate with Siri (yet).

While at this time the Siri files released will only enable the Siri GUI, the developer has mentioned he has included files which he will be providing instructions for at a later date. This files could be the key to actually getting Siri to function and contact Apple’s servers on your iPhone 4G, 3GS, iPod Touch 4G and iPad 1G. If you are interested in downloading these Siri files and installing Siri on your iDevice please watch the embedded YouTube video below (download links underneath video).

Download Siri Files

Below you can find a download link to the Siri GUI files for your iDevice, as well as the developers instructions for installing.

We will provide you with an official how to guide for installing the Siri GUI on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad in the next few hours. Until that time please stay tuned and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

Update #1: The How To guide for porting Siri to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is now available. Click here.

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  • Roy So

    download the other assisstantservices.framework right under the siri picture on that site

  • Freak4Gadgets

    nicccccccce :)

  • Scott McDonald

    doesn’t work on my iphone4

  • Z00n1e

    gonna try it on a 3gs, will post back if it works

  • Diane Waschenko

    sounds cool

  • Mike McKinnon

    Cool, but useless until it actual works like Siri on the 4S.

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  • Seb85

    Its working on mine so u probably did something wrong

  • Dreamcrafter

    my iPhone can’t spring anymore :S 

  • rochi

    works great

  • Chris

    you have to undo the mod to file N90AP.plist and then reboot.  Didnt work on my phone either.

  • Thelastbaron752

    Tried it on my 3G[S], nothing. Just went to normal Voice Control. Think there’s a cache of some sort on the 3G[S] preventing this from working?

  • Chris

    I think my problem is i have a pc not a mac so modding the file on pc doesnt work right.

  • iteufelhunden

    yup doesnt work on iphone4

  • Khanyinn

    What’s the point?

  • Arshiesst

    i’m lost on step where it says to open N90AP.plist with ifile. can you please provide me link to download ifile for mac.

  • Mike McKinnon

    iFile is an iPhone app. In Cydia.

  • Marcello Marranzini

    does this work on iPad 1 because the instructions only say for itouch and iphone

  • Scott McDonald

    i tried the files from both of the mirrors on this site. edit n90 still noth nothing

  • Arshiesst

    ok but how to add a new property list named assistant to the .plist file and set its class as Boolean while setting its value as YES.

  • Anonymous

    this works for me, but the major issue that is happening right now is the fact that 3G connectivity is dropping

  • Varun093

    my iphone is stuck on the apple logo !!

  • Z00n1e

    dosent work

  • Jaden Ellett

    Yes, others have gotten it to work on the iPad 1G.

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  • Guest

    iphone 4 , assistant framework files in update 1 link(media fire) worked.

  • Xavan

    help .. only the mic is showing .. i couldnt speak into it …

  • Aamir-virani

    I followed the whole process and after that respire too. But without any luck when I pressed volume button (VOICE CONTROL) came up instead of SIRI. I think i am using PC and in this video this guy has change the N09AP file to  Class :”Bootlean” and Value to Yes. In PC i don’t see any option like this.

    Any kind of help would be appreciated. :)

  • Kevinongyseng

    my 3GS only can see  N88AP , cannot see  N9x  …. pls help

  • Diazdavid87

    Link is down, anyone want to upload fresh link.

  • Vishveshraval

    i am also facing the same problem.i tried to replace files back to original but it didn’t help.if you have got solution pls email me on or on in advance….

  • Anthony

    You have to speak loudly and they havnt connected to the apple servers either so they will work on a tool to connect to apple servers and they have already connected to ipod/iphones to apple servers

  • Seanlzq

    Help! I get the microphone but the background is black and there is no text in the chat bubble ie “how can I help you?”…. What am I doing wrong?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing, that’s all you are going to get for now

  • Zachery Osbourne

    no, just use the updated files. follow everything said and it should work. i did it on mine

  • has

    I have an Ipod touch that is updated with ios5 can i download siri of the instructions and how long would it take.

  • Cervantesdiego11

    nothing shows up only voice control help

  • Cervantesdiego11

    mine didn’t work can you help me

  • William

    I didn’t understand so can I put Siri on my iPhone 4

  • Adasd

    use redsnow to boot it.mine was the its works good

  • Hateeyes

    This happen to me too, can you solve it

  • FrealFan

    If its on iOS 5 you need to use redsn0w to boot it, Run Redsn0w/click “Extras”/click “Just Boot”/enter DFU mode/Enjoy!

  • Raimis

    Works with these new files. 
    : Update #1: The How To guide for porting Siri to the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is now available. Click here.

  • Linda Choi Xu

    OMG! Can someone help me, I have tried rebooting with redsnow the latest version but its stuck on the stupid pineapple :(

  • nick

    infinity respring, what to do. I’m on iPhone 4

  • William Yap Lim Wei

    Mine too!

  • JBOD

    You guys should really wait until Steven Troughton-Smith gets this working 100% and it’s releasable. Doing this you’re not going to get anything of use.

  • Anonymous

    You put in the code wrong in the .plist! Try again:)

  • Williams Fayard

    what aI did, to exit this respring loop, was aks to a friend to send me his N90AP.plist file, and then put it on my phone via i-Funbox, and then respring normal, hope this help you.

  • J-City

    you make that with iFile on the iPhone when you open up the N90AP file with property text viewer you go to capabilities and you press the + button at the bottom you type assistant and select the bootlean class and press done

    Hope that helped

  • J-City

    you make that with iFile on the iPhone when you open up the N90AP file with property text viewer you go to capabilities and you press the + button at the bottom you type assistant and select the bootlean class and press done

    Hope that helped :)

  • Nick

    i ported it …. man it does not work… non workable port serves no purpose so dont wast yor time like i did

  • Abdulazizaddas

    which program did you use to do this video ?

  • Filip Langer

    N90AP is only for iPhone 4. N88AP is for the 3Gs. You’re looking at the right thing. It’s the main plist.

  • Jackass2099

    if works i’am gonna kiss your ass

  • Srkchandra

    it works

  • Nick

    for me it didnt worked . i used both lik files one by one. siri comes but doesnt works

  • Nick

    tell me what u did to make it wok coz mine didnt….

  • Nick

    can anyone tell me how to unlock from carrier i am using iphone4 bb 4.11.08. locked to orange france

  • Abdulazizaddas

    Please help me. My Iphone 4 is not restarting it is stuck on the respring circle

  • Abdulazizaddas

    Me too

  • Gspa

    Okay, I did as you instructed. I still get the Voice Control, not Siri. I followed all the steps also as on the video & still nothing. Can anyone please help.

  • Gspa

    Another question, can Siri run on OS 4.3.3 or does it have to be the OS 5?

  • Gspa

    What version of OS did you have? I have 4.3.3. Does it have to be on OS 5?

  • Hot_maya1988

    I did itttttttttt :):) contact me on

  • Ess173

    hahahahahahhaahah FAIL

  • Bootyking


  • Ahahaha


  • Videoman

    is that why your name is jackass XD

  • Bmurphy466

    yes same i have no idea how to fix it please HELP!!!!!!!

  • Bmurphy466

    yes same i have no idea how to fix it and it keeps making the sync sound when u  plug it in.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!


    does anyone know how to get it off the respiring circle

  • pacmanator11

    do you need to be jailbroken to port siri to iphone 4

  • Jimmys_206

    try to use SB Settings from cydia

  • Jimmys_206


  • Gspa

    Where is that updated file they are talking about? Is there a link for it. I tried it with the regular files that were out there and nothing with my 3GS. If so, my email is Thanks in advance.

  • Gspa

    Where is that updated file they are talking about? Is there a link for it. I tried it with the regular files that were out there and nothing with my 4G. Sorry it’s a 4G not a 3GS. If so, my email is Thanks in advance.     

  • adrian

    hold the sleep button and the home button simultaneously for 10 seconds. :D

  • Laner106

    can you find an easier way that way i don’t mess up my iphone 4

  • Bosko-04

    As you enter the folder my iPod, my iPhone 4 and 7 as a window to enter my root?

  • Bosko-04

    How do I go to the folder in the root iPhone, i have iphone 4 and windws 7 ???help me

  • superbeak33

    boolean values in C mean true or false. hes just trying to be fancy

  • Eddddddie

    Um find the file N09AP.plist file for iPhone or what ever file you modified and take it off. which would be the assistance file and then if tethered jailboken reboot it.

  • Johnny

    I have it kinda working.
    Brings up Siri, the information commands are there but theres things missing

    No How can I help you listed and the space for the text is tiny
    no settings pane for Siri

    No microphone activity when I speak (I thought all this would work even those the server part obviously won’t)

  • Maytty

    you make that with iFile on the iPhone when you open up the N90AP file with property text viewer you go to capabilities and you press the + button at the bottom you type assistant and select the bootlean class and press done

  • Maytty

    bro you got to resstore re jail break re do sorry happeend to me

  • Johnny

    Who’s that a reply to ?

  • ShadowwBlade

    I followed the process step by step but when i hold home voice control comes up not siri. Can anyone help?

  • RomeoProductions

    Hi Nick you must follow this step
    Insert original carrier orange france sim cardDial 611 for AT&T customer service hotline and drop the callTurn on Airplane ModeTake out orange france SIM cardInsert T-Mobile or the  SIM card you want to use.Make sure WiFi is off (he also tapped on ‘Forget this Network” to make sure it doesn’t connect automatically later)Switch off Airplane Mode and iPhone will search for network. This is followed by the Apple splash screen appearing.Activation Required will be displayed on the screenEDGE network will activate automatically – notice the ‘E’ on the top left corner of the screenWait for about 20-30 seconds and turn off the phoneTurn on iPhone and the same Activation Required screen will be displayedWhen you see one signal bar, tap on Use Cellular ConnectionEject SIM cardActivation Required screen will be displayed the second timeInsert SIM cardUnlocked!


  • Nick

    Hey Hi! buddy thaks for try but this also didnt worked man! i am sooo stuck.. and u know the funny part now my sim is showing locked … and my sim requires some pin how to now unlock this

  • Techmaxed Net

    Works perfectly….

  • Miza

    Can this by any chance work on iOS 4.x? XD Why does it specifically NEED
    5.0? I I have 4.3.3, and I dont want to upgrade cuz I fear that it will
    slow down my iPod.

    I have a 32GB 3rd gen iPod Touch btw.

  • Anonymous

    Jailbreak and run ultrasn0w

  • Serrie39

    Sweet go it to Work!! Used some files from a 4s. Basically had to differentiate what was controlling what.

  • thenicehelperNOT!

    People who are stuck on the **** ****** ***** moving circle or the apple logo or the pineapple, SIMPLY DO THE FOLLOWING: hold the sleep (top right hand corner) and the Home button for 25 seconds until you see the **** apple or snowbreeze logo!!  
                                IF IT DOESNT WORK KILL YOURSELF!!!

  • guest

    the “ring of death” that sucks its happened to me before sadly i cant tell you how to fix it now cuz a friend fixed it for me

  • Concrete

    Well, approximately it would take a day and a half, depending on the position of the Moon.

  • Walker Higgins

    voice control still comes u HELP!!!!!!!!

  • Javierapplehu

    What iDevice you using?

  • Miza

    This only ports the GUI. It can’t connect to the server.

  • Medveckylukas

    same here … tried each step few times , tried to delete original “assistant’ from plist file , tried other framework , tries respring and restart …..still getting voice assistant … blah 
    yes i am jailbroken on 5.0.1 i guess gotta wait a bit more

  • Fultuc

    What device are u using?

  • Fultuc

    Did it work for someone on ipod touch 4 ? I dont know what am I doing wrong, becouse I keep getting the respring loop

  • Colin Hong

    Reboot it with ur JB Source

  • Viral

    try the verison
    with the one u had jailbreak

  • Adityavkd

    yeah! ssh into your phone, or use iExplorer, iFunbox whatever, go to system/library/coreservices/ and edit N90 or whatever N plist and remove the following 

  • Curiculo

    I did everything, but dosent work, what can i do. voice control still there!!!

  • Danny Samara134

    I need help do u need jailbreak?

  • Guest

    Please help me… don’t know where to insert the code on ifile please help… thanks in advance…

  • Kekkidude

    hold power and home button ugh.

  • desorde

    not work with my iPhone 4.. i do all the steps and when i open i don’t find siri just voice command.

  • Abbas1997

    you should restore your iphone

  • Jkhjk

    just prepare a hummer

  • Sssssssss

    well typically there will be a siri option in settings>general. if not, idk

  • lalala777

    go to settings general: siri and turn siri on sillies

  • snakekingdom

    press and hold lock and home button until apple appears

  • Inmarhamza

    force the iphone to reboot by holding sleep and home bottoms
    after it shutdown you can release your hand from it
    press the power to start up
    from cydia seek about (respring toggle)
    install it and you never see your iphone stuck on the respring circle 

  • Luisw1998

    “jailbreak” ur iphone again, during the black screen and white letter an error is going to occur, but do it again and i will work, happen to me once and saved me a whole day of being bored

  • Benfowler1984

    does this work on the new 5.1.1 firmware please help

  • Rajiv

    Hi maan, i know the feeling it happened to my iphone 4 aswell, just download iReb and follow the instructions to restore. also iReb might tell u to find an ipsw and stuff dont worry abt that just after the ireb process is finished click restore in itunes

  • Rajiv

    why dont you kill urself

  • kwqe-okjzx]

    or restore

  • Anna

    Doesn’t work:(