“Fold To Unlock” iOS Lockscreen Concept Is Now A Reality With The Unfold Cydia Tweak [PREVIEW]

It was only last week when we showed you a very interesting lockscreen concept where instead of “sliding to unlock” you “fold to unlock”. This “fold to unlock” iOS concept was created by Anton Kudin, a Russian graphic designer living in Krasnodar who specializes in user interface and web design.

Unfold Cydia Tweak

It looks like this concept inspired a developer to create a Cydia tweak to actually bring this functionality to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. As  Jonas Gessner (creator of ProTube) is currently creating a tweak called Unfold that will bring the “fold to unlock” effect to your iOS device’s lockscreen. As you can see in the preview video below it looks like it is coming along nicely.

The Unfold Cydia tweak will be released into the BigBoss repo for FREE and will indeed be compatible with all iOS devices. For those worried about compatibility with other tweaks you will be glad to know Unfold is compatible with lockscreen tweaks such as IntelliScreenX and will treat notifications and the Camera Grabber like on the stock iOS lockscreen. Are you excited for the Unfold Cydia tweak? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below…

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  1. Michael Schnier says:

    It really needs the dropshadow effect.

  2. Its gonna be AWESOME…ill definitely be installing it

  3. Rgpop76 says:


  4. Rgpop76 says:


  5. DATA-ABUS3R says:


  6. Noah King says:

    hopefully the text could be changed, and maybe the arrow via the settings. Definitely downloading this one :D

  7. Wagnerfsj says:

    Ijust love this… just excited for  releasing…

  8. wont be that cool with a passcode

  9. Well “Unfold to Unlock” text sux !! Any ay to change it back to customised one ?

  10. Gdfgdsf says:

    after 200 unfolds it asks you to donate, if you say no it bricks ur phone, DELETE it now… shite

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