StatusBulletin Cydia Tweak Makes Notifications Appear On The Status Bar

In iOS 5, whenever you receive a notification alert in the style of a banner, it shows up below the status bar. This can be a problem sometimes, as it can hide things being displayed on the screen. Not anymore however, thanks to StatusBulletin.

StatusBulletin Cydia Tweak

With the new StatusBulletin Cydia tweak the banner notifications are displayed on the status bar. The banners don’t appear below the status bar, which means that nothing on the screen will be disturbed. The tweak has a couple of configurable options in the Settings app. You can select what apps you want this tweak to work with, choose the banner style and also enable/disable the tweak. Take a look at the screenshot of the tweak in action below.

StatusBulletin ModMyi Free

StatusBulletin can definitely be useful at times when you don’t want your notifications to come in the way of your screen real estate. For those that are interested this tweak is available in the ModMyi repo for free. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it.

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