Easily Change The Color Of Your Status Bar With The StatusColor Cydia Tweak

StatusColor is a new tweak to touch down on Cydia that is worth checking out if you want to be able to easily change the color of your status bar in real time.

How StatusColor works is simple. You simply install the tweak, which is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and then you will find a preferences panel for the tweak in the Settings app.

Through this preferences panel you have the power to change the color of the status bar using RGB sliders. What is great about this tweak is that you can see that status bar changing in color in real time so you don’t need to respring to see what color you have made it.


Some of its potential uses include changing the color of the status bar so that it matches your wallpaper or other homescreen elements.

Although StatusColor isn’t the most innovative tweak or feature filled tweak it is still worth checking out if you have wanted an easy solution to changing the color of your status bar.

Let us know what you think of the tweak in the comments section below.

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  1. Cant install it on cydia.

  2. digitaldumdum says:

    I installed it on my iPad Mini running evasi0n, but it wouldn’t work. No crash, just no “nothing.”

    I reached out to the developer who indicated he didn’t have an iPad and hadn’t actually tried it on one. I have yet to put it on the iPhone.

    But hey, it’s a nice idea and I’m sure others have gotten it to work.

  3. Yeah I did the same thing, so… I’m not sure what gonna happen, I just wanted the status bar to be black when I inverted the colors, so all I would have to do is leave it default but it doesn’t change anything.

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