Check Out This New Rethought Folder System From Sentry And A3Tweaks That Is Coming Soon

Whenever the master designer Sentry and the company A3Tweaks are working on a new tweak, you know it is going to be something good! iFans have discovered a preview of a new tweak that is in the works by A3Tweaks that although is yet to be named, looks absolutely stunning.

Sentry A3Tweaks Rethought Folder System Cydia Tweak

Essentially what the tweak does is allow you to group similar applications together into a rethought kind of folder. This new folder system requires you to swipe down on an icon, which will reveal similar applications you have grouped with it. The example shown in the animated Gif above depicts a user swiping down on the Camera app to reveal 3rd party camera applications.

The idea of the tweak is that of putting 3-4 apps of similar type in one “folder.” You access these apps by pulling down on their parent app. In this case, the stock is the parent app, while other camera apps such as Intagram are included below it.

There aren’t many details available right now about the unnamed tweak, but we will be sure to keep you guys updated when it touches down on Cydia. Be sure to let us know your thoughts about the upcoming tweak in the comments section below.

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  1. Benlego65 says:

    This is actually a really cool idea. It would be great if it were to integrate into one’s already existing folders. Also, what would happen if the app was on the side of the screen? There could be some issues there.

  2. Melih Gönenli says:

    Awesome idea. Apple should use this.

  3. obelrehrer says:

    Unfortunately this “swipe down” collides with the new method of getting into iOS Spotlight in iOS7. Although the mockup folder-style looks really cool, and why not open it with a normal Tab?

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