PullAll Cydia Tweak Adds “Pull To Refresh” In All WebView Applications [VIDEO]

The PullAll Cydia tweak was released in Cydia recently and it adds a Pull To Refresh gesture in every WebView. Examples of applications that are built with WebView include Safari and the popular RSS reader application Reeder.

Using Safari as an example, if you pull down on a webpage such as iJailbreak.com the page will automatically refresh. If you are thinking this looks familiar it is because the animation and even the functionality is taken from the stock Mail App.

The PullAll Cydia tweak does have preferences that can be found in the Settings app. You can adjust the color of the Pull To Refresh icon using RGB sliders,¬†exclude PullAll’s functionality in certain applications if you would prefer not to have a pull to refresh gesture and you can also toggle Use Label. This will simply enable or disable the Pull To Refresh text label.


PullAll is certainly a useful tweak, but be warned it only works in WebView applications, which you will likely have few of. Even having pull to refresh on Safari, however, makes this tweak worth it. You can find PullAll in the BigBoss repo for a price of $1.00.

Let us know what you think of the PullAll Cydia tweak in the comments section below and don’t forget to watch out video walkthrough.

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