How To: Install And Upgrade To Cydia 1.1 On The iPhone And iPod Touch

A few hours ago we told you that Saurik released Cydia v1.1, and now we are going to be providing a very simple guide for those of you who are new to the jailbreaking scene and would like a helping hand updating. In case you are not aware, Cydia v1.1 is not your average Cydia update, it is a complete overhaul of Cydia that dramatically increases Cydia’s speed and overall makes Cydia much more reliable. For a complete explanation of what was updated please refer to this post by clicking here, however, if you are not interested please continue with the tutorial below.

Step 1) – Launch Cydia from the iPhone/iPod Touch Springboard.

Step 2) – Tap on the “Changes” tab along the bottom and wait for Cydia to finish “Downloading Packages”.

Step 3) – Once Cydia is finished “Downloading Packages” you’ll be prompt with “Essential Upgrade”. Please click the “Upgrade Essential” button and click the “Confirm” button in the top right corner to begin updating to Cydia version 1.1.

**UPDATE: We suggest that you remove any 3rd party repositories before continuing with the upgrade. This has been shown to provoke errors during the upgrade process. You have been warned (thanks for the tip Jahnkeanater)

Note: Ensure you do not disturb Cydia while it is installing this update.

After Cydia has finished installing all the updates (which may take longer than usual as this is a big update) you will have to restart Cydia. Once Cydia restarts you should now see that Cydia is running version 1.1.x!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Jahnkeanater says:

    cydia crashed to springboard when installing and now when i try to open it its blank

  2. Jahnkeanater says:

    you should add a step to remove all third party repositorys before updating

  3. Hello Jahnkeanater,
    I am going to add this step up because I am sure it has effected a lot of people. Thanks a lot or letting me now. I am sorry it caused you an error with Cydia, did you manage to fix it?

  4. Hello Jahnkeanater,
    I am going to add this step up because I am sure it has effected a lot of people. Thanks a lot or letting me now. I am sorry it caused you an error with Cydia, did you manage to fix it?

  5. Jahnkeanater says:

    no ahhhh!!! :) i think i have an idea how to fix it but don’t know where to start do i have to remove repository’s Manually with iFile or something then run some command?

  6. Jahnkeanater says:

    removed repos from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cydia.list ran apt-get update cydias still useless soo any ideas :)

  7. all the source i have including insanelyi, xsellize & more doesnt work, if u guys know how to downgrade back to the original cydia, please tell us how.

  8. Jahnkeanater says:

    got it. fixed it by installing the deb through terminal :)

  9. Jahnkeanater says:

    if you can find cydia v1.0.deb ssh it onto your iDevice then open terminal and run su dpkg -i cydia.deb

  10. I gunned it without bothering to make certain that nothing got broken and so far, all is well. I would have no idea as to how to downgrade to a previous build of Cydia. Good luck to all.

  11. Hey Guys,
    I spent almost all of this morning working on a guide. Please check it out here:

  12. Hey Guys, I spent almost all morning working on an in-depth how to guide. Please take a look on the front page of the website and let me know your thoughts.

  13. Jahnkeanater says:

    its way easier if you just install an older version over the new one it automatically downgrades it

  14. Studenth2k says:

    its not showing poping up upgrade essential.. and error in cydia is pakage cannot locate please help

  15. Justinpanama3898 says:

    Mine says 
    Unable to load 
    (untrusted server certificate)

  16. When I open cydia it says this version is not supported please upgrade to bersion1.1.x, and when I go into changes nothing happens! What should I do?

  17. Brandon York says:

    look for changes and download essential

  18. Brandon York says:

    try to fix your date and time i had the same problem then turn of then back on

  19. Brandon York says:

    use ifunbox download an older version third party cydia

  20.  how can we download essential if there’s nothing in changes??

  21. Mason Emanuel45 says:

    i dont have andthing in my souces tab??

  22. Neerav Kothari says:

    somebody please help me out. i didn’t pay heed to the advice of removing 3d party sources and upgraded directly. not it keeps on saying “the internet appears to be offline!”

  23. Neerav Kothari says:

    alright… this worked for me…

    1. using redsn0w, installed only cydia…
    2. from settings made iphone 3g “forget” my network
    3. rejoined the wifi network. launched cydia.. worked!

  24. tap refresh in the upper left hand corner thats how i got it

  25. if nothing shows in changes close cydia and open it after some time then the upgrade message will come by it self and do according to the instructions

  26. Wendy_whun27 says:

    i have on my changes but no essential’s appear ?

  27. cole hutchins says:

     i did every thing that it said to do but it says Unable to Load (untrusted server certificate) please help

  28. Hugh_Jundies says:

    exit cydia, then open it, and wait let cydia do the rest

  29. IJailBreakShit4Free says:

    you guys are stupid motherfucker get a life dumb dicks

  30. mine comes up with NetDB: open nodename nor servname provided, or not known. help?

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