Why Cydia Tweaks Don’t Work With A7 Devices Like The iPhone 5s

There have been a lot of questions and comments on this blog in regards to why we are posting about Cydia tweaks when they “don’t work.”

The thing is, however, is these Cydia tweaks do work it is just they are not compatible with all devices due to the fact Mobile Substrate is not yet fully compatible with iOS 7. For the most part though Cydia tweaks that have been labeled as iOS 7 compatible will work without an updated version of Mobile Substrate (as it is semi-functioning), but not on the iPhone 5s or any other device with an A7 chip.

The reason being is that Mobile Substrate and other tweaks were not written for 64-bit devices (arm64 architecture).


Not only does Mobile Substrate have to be updated for arm64, but so do a lot of tweaks themselves.

So when will things return back to normal? 

Right now is a very chaotic time in the Jailbreaking community. Evasi0n7 surprised both Saurik (creator of Cydia, Winterboard and Mobile Substrate) and the rest of the Jailbreaking meaning when it was released. As usually Saurik and key developers have access to the Jailbreak weeks before it is released to the public to bring everything in compatibility with the latest firmwares and devices.

This time, however, there was no prep time.

To make matters worse (in the eyes of the developer), the Jailbreak was released right around the Holidays, a time where most people unwind and connect with family and friends.

So to answer the question, it is hard to say.

If I were to take a stab at when things would return “back to normal” I would say mid to end January. But who knows, it could be sooner, it could be later. Only time will tell.

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  • Picud0

    I have an iPhone 5 and so far none of the updated tweaks work on it!!! Not a single one!!!

  • Max


  • Aumen

    Because mobile substrate hasmt been updated yet

  • Fidz

    Same as well, thought it was just my device

  • Ryan J Roderick

    You have to reinstall mobile substrate after every new tweak you install.

  • lucadaddabbo

    Please, can someone tell me if Flex work on the 5S?

  • anonmuz

    that didn’t work for me on my 5.

  • dan

    it works

  • Jtg11299

    It doesn’t work on my iPhone 4

  • mon.arc

    Doesn’t work for me… 7.0.4 iPhone 5s

  • lucadaddabbo

    Thanks! The Flex dev gave me the repo with a beta version of Flex 2 (iOS 7 ready) but I can’t try it due to the MS issue :/

  • Austin

    What’s the source name please?

  • Ryan J Roderick

    Did you make sure they are iOS7 compatible?

  • Mark Murphy

    The tether app 3.0-1 works on the 5s. You have to installed the 64 substrate but it works. The version says works with 64 bit but not tested. I decided to give it a shot (pay 5 bucks) and it works. I love it. Best 5 bucks I spent and the reason I went through the jailbreak to begin with. Well done everyone involved with the jailbreak.

  • AKBigDog

    Anyone know if MyWi is working yet for 5s on 7.0.4???

  • Jasmine

    I can’t install anything on my 4s and I can’t update anything either. Every time I try, it comes up as an error saying, “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)”.