CrazyPC Allows Your iPhone To Mess With A Friend’s PC [Cydia]

Kobi Snir, who previously brought SpyKey and AnonySend to Cydia, released CrazyPC last night. CrazyPC controls a software server installed on a “friend’s” computer that can make the computer display images, play sounds, change the computer volume, and shut down. As with AnonySend this software’s primary use is to prank friends, and it’s about as intrusive as SpyKey. I can tell you if someone installed this software on my computer, that person would no longer be my friend. That’s if the software doesn’t interrupt me while I’m writing. (Otherwise there’d be a keelhauling.)

CrazyPC Cydia Tweak

What’s odd about CrazyPC is that it’s currently in the official App Store for $0.99, and it’s been there since September 7th. On Cydia it’s free and available in the BigBoss repo. SpyKey used to be available on the App Store, but was pulled by Apple. Perhaps Snir is worried that Apple will pull CrazyPC too.

This software really bothers me because it uses the exact same installation method for connecting to a victim’s computer as with SpyKey, but it’s explicitly intended to be used on friends and family whereas SpyLey is a keylogger that’s supposedly intended for personal security. The fact that this app exists demonstrates the more serious abuses that SpyKey is capable of. It’s one thing if your friend gives your grandfather a heart attack with a picture of a badly rendered zombie, it’s another thing if someone makes off with your credit card. Wait, no. Killing grandfathers is worse.

CrazyPC Cydia Tweak Review

That's just wrong in so many ways.

Ask yourself if you really need to install borderline malware on your friends’ computers for the purpose of making fart noises. If the answer’s yes, let us know what you came up with in the comments section below.

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  1. Bad post… No instructions on how to install it…

  2. Michael Schnier says:

    In this case I consider that a public service.
    I mentioned that it was available on Cydia. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, just search for it on Cydia. On the Cydia page there’s also a link to the borderline malware that is the control server.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I used it on my friend and he still doesn’t know what’s going on with his computer ha. So far nothing has happened with his computer. No phising, no other hackings, it’s all good.

  4. Ohhchehhh says:

     why cant u post it here on how to use ? joke?

  5. and nothin on how to link to your pc, even though i have all the info (ip address etc.) its still not working help!!!

  6. i had jailbreak ..and i got the APP..BUT HOW its work ?? all what i got is connecting ( 2h ago )

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